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Should the Hoffman’s be fired from Gold Rush?

On a previous post Royce Lerwick had some choice words for the Hoffman clan and their circus called Gold Rush. I thought Royce’s comment was a good one so I’m … Continue reading

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The Todd Hoffman Motif

There’s a pattern of reckless ineptitude that has plagued Discovery’s Gold Rush program. I’ll call it the Todd Hoffman Motif. The most recent outcome of the Hoffman Motif was in … Continue reading

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Dave Turin brings in 350K

Dave Turin and his crew at Indian River have produced over 220 ounces in gold thus far. That’s over $350,000 in U.S. Dollars. Todd Hoffman and his crew have brought … Continue reading

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Is Gold Rush Discovery fake?

No… Gold Rush is not fake nor is it scripted. However, each member on the show does receive a payment per episode and they also get a lot of freebies. … Continue reading

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Dave Turin gets Volvo equipment

One of my readers had posted a comment months ago that Volvo was providing free equipment to the Hoffmans in exchange for the publicity. Well looky here… Dave Turin has … Continue reading

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Fist fight on Bering Sea Gold

Looks like the owner of the Wild Ranger Vernon Adkinson and it’s Captain Scott Meisterheim came to blows in tonight’s episode. ¬†At the round table discussion they had words back … Continue reading

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Should Parker Schnabel go to college?

Parker Schnabel lost $35,000 in Season Two (reported in the final episode). As Parker Schnabel considers college he should consider this: there’s no doubt than in the United States, college … Continue reading

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