Gold Rush Discovery

I holler about Gold Rush

Final Episode Season 2

The Klondike: The Hoffman crew hit a great pay streak in cut 3 and Dave Turin throws a fit you’ve gotta see. They are unable to pull more than 12 oz. from the soil on cut 3 because the D-8 breaks down. For Season 2 the Hoffman crew mined a total of 93 oz.. Next season should be off to a great start from the Hoffman crew. However, once cut 3 is done, they may need to move on to a new claim. The Hoffman crew walks away with $8,000 each in gold.

The Big Nugget Mine: The final day of the season Parker Schnabel finally finds gold at Smith Creek Hill. There’s enough gold in the pan from a small clean-out to convince Parker’s grandfather to finance him another season (100K investment). John Schnabel says “I can’t take it with me when I go.” He’d rather spend the money watching his grandson chase a dream. I can only wonder the long term effect such stardom will have on young Parker. Hopefully he will learn from this experience and use it in a positive way. The Schnabels lost thousands this year at the Big Nugget.

Porcupine creek: Dakota Fred and son Dustin are on a fantastic pay streak, but mechanical breakdowns prevent them from pulling anymore than 80 oz. from this season. Based on the look of the hole Dakota was working… I’d say they’ll be the biggest winners of next year. They are probably working right on top of several hundred-thousand dollars in gold. Dustin walks away with 10% of the seasons catch ($12,000). Not too bad for 4 months of work in the Alaskan wilderness.

***Next weeks episode is called ‘secrets of the miners’ or something like that. The trailer suggests that Jack Hoffman is addicted to morphine and that mechanic James Harness stole gold from the camp this season, thus ending his career with the Hoffmans.

Till next week…

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