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James Harness is kicked off Gold Rush

**See update at bottom. During the next episode mechanic James Harness is expected to be fired from the Hoffman crew. From the trailers aired this past Friday it sounds as though Harness may have pocketed a little gold for himself during the season. We’ll have to wait till March 2nd for the bloody details. See also, The Todd Hoffman Motif.

The quotes from Friday night’s trailer that led to the above (perhaps premature) conclusion are when Todd Hoffman says “what was James doing in the gold room?” and “I think this is where we part ways.” (speaking to James)

Even Discovery Channel Press says that “in a shocking development, one miner is kicked out of the Hoffman crew.” Click here for source.

Please note this article is not an indictment of Harness… but rather a conversational piece based on the trailer for the March 2nd episode.

**Update from March 2nd episode – James Harness was fired from the crew for not pulling his weight in season two. It was obvious he wasn’t focused on doing his job. As a result, equipment remained broken for days while James was doing ‘other things’.

They held James at fault for not hitting their 100 oz. goal.

Also, Jack Hoffman has gotten back surgery. His back is no longer in pain and he is no longer addicted to Morphine.

72 comments on “James Harness is kicked off Gold Rush

  1. m5tech
    February 26, 2012

    I don’t think the Hoffman crew will even know he’s missing.

    • Tom
      April 5, 2012

      Fuck the hoffmans….Dakota Fred is the man. Hope he takes quartz creek from them, like he did porcupine. Todd has no business sense what so ever. Dumb ass didn’t make a lease payment for the claim. Dave should be in charge of that crew. He has the knowledge.

      • dakota kid
        August 17, 2012

        I know its old post but i am from north dakota and dakota fred is not a dakotian. He is a selfish bastard you can only find in southern california. Glad his house got flooded. Karma is a bitch.

      • stacks
        October 20, 2012

        tom you’re a douche…go blo dakota fred and and do his son’s head

      • Frank Daniels
        December 9, 2012

        Tom, you are a moron. Dakota Fred aka “big boot” sucks. I couldn’t stand him starting from the first episode that aired with him on it. Although I wouldn’t wish and hardship on anyone, Fred got what he deserved when his Ouse flooded. The time and money that he lost when MSHA was also part of the karma that he deserved and I can’t wait to see what happens to him next.

    • mike
      January 30, 2016

      A lot of folks bashing James Harness but the guy put himself into his work and did a lot of it even considering he was in terrible pain with spine issues. I mean, damn man they had to carry him out of the hole he was welding in once. Not once did I see anyone help him even though he was supposed to be their friend. I then end he took some time off the repair himself and when he came back he spent a few days with his lady friend. ( mr moustache took the hell off until todd sucked him into coming back.) All the time he was bad mouthing todd. So, because they didn’t think Jim Harness was putting out enough they throw him off the show. Them when James dies they are all, oh yeah, great guy, Im sad, BULLSHIT !! YOUR ASSHOLES !! I WILL NEVER FORGIVE TODD AND EVERYONE ELSE FOR THE WAY THEY TREATED JAMES WHEN HE WAS GIVING HIS ALL.

  2. Adam
    February 27, 2012

    He always seemed like a shady character to me. I hate thieves!

    • Todd
      March 1, 2012

      Wait, hold on a minute one thing I have noticed is when the gold is being weighed the old man goes in the trailer alone or with Todd. No camera’s just the two oh them.

      I wouldnt trust anyone, this should be a crew deal. Your throwing James unber the bus when Todd and his dad most likely took a little off the top for themselfs.

      After costs were covered, each man got 5% excluding Todd and his dad there was 5 = 25% so the other 75% went to the guys who weighed the gold alone without cameras with the blinds shut.

      Take it easy on James I see who the real thief’s are

      • Todd
        January 5, 2013

        Hey douche bag. Don’t forget. 10-15% to claim owner. Operating costs as well. Then tod and his dad get what’s left. Arness was a worthless piece of shit mechanic who laid on his ass and entertained his girlfriend everyday while everything was broke down. What a joke. That was his only job— fix stuff. But he couldn’t even do that. I would have fired that guy day one.

  3. Ryan Roberts
    February 27, 2012

    I can’t believe that these guys can’t find an easier way to make money. I think they could make more money flipping burgers or stocking shelves. Historically, the big money makers in gold mining have always been the businesses that supply the miners with equipment, supplies, etc. The actual miners work like slaves for a pittance. But.. how much money are these people getting paid by the producers of “Gold Rush”? It seems to me that they must be getting paid MUCH more for doing the show than they are actually getting in gold!

    • Mark Wedgley
      November 13, 2014

      Get real people, they get paid by Discovery and I wouldn’t doubt that Volvo is paying them a nice sum too.

  4. m5tech
    February 27, 2012

    I’ve always wondered if they actually make money off the show. I thought they didn’t make any money from Discovery Channel, but then they always seem to have the money for new equipment and such even when they are broke… I’m just not sure.

  5. dave
    February 28, 2012

    remember, the hoffman’s count the gold by them self, the other guys are getting ripped off at the get go. James Harness might have been taking back his portion of the speculated $40,000 dollars in gold that the hoffman’s stole in season one. Remember when Todd borrowed money from his sister, that was him giving her the gold he and his father stole so she could sell it for him. I think harness is ok

    • shocbomb
      November 10, 2012

      I thought the same exact thing.Just like you and another poster say above, there is no way in hell if I was with that crew I would let just 2 people go into that Gold room to weigh it out. The whole dam crew should weigh the gold together end of story, There is nothing but the Hoffmans word that they are not skaming there fellow miners and that would not be enough for me !

  6. Lloyd Alpert
    February 28, 2012


  7. Lloyd Alpert
    February 28, 2012


  8. Mare
    February 29, 2012

    You wonder why the Hoffman’s are usually in the “gold tent” themselves during the final weigh in. You would think all of them would be there to find out what the total was. If anyone is stealing, it is the Hoffman’s themselves. They seem more shady than the rest of them!

  9. DAVIS
    March 3, 2012


  10. m5tech
    March 3, 2012

    I don’t think the Hoffman’s are stealing any gold. It’s counted alone, most likely, for added suspense to make the show more interesting.

  11. John K.
    March 4, 2012

    Wow the abject stupidity of some people, the issue with Harness was plain and simple, he didn’t do the job he was there for. And not because of his back hurting. The equipment was broken down, they couldn’t run pay dirt. They are in a situation where every minute of the day is needed. Literally racing the clock.

    And where was James? In his trailer in to much pain to move? No! He was in town picking up his girlfriend. And then he tours her around the camp, panning gold while the whole system was shut down. Then he disappears into this trailer to get laid. Then when he comes out is he carrying his toolbox? No! He’s carrying a suitcase. He leaves for several days with his girlfriend while equipment only he could fix is down effectively shutting down the operation.

    He should have picked her up, planted her on the side, got the equipment up and running so the mine could operate, then gone to town for a couple of well earned days off.

    Even when they all got together and tried to air their concerns all he can say is it wasn’t my fault. Then he tries to turn it around saying oh well we weren’t rolling in gold so I didn’t think I should put in my best effort. What a pile of crap.

  12. John K.
    March 4, 2012


    I really wish some people would get their heads out of their butts and at least try to have some idea of what they are talking about. Sitting there accusing the Hoffman’s of ripping off their crew.

    The Hoffman’s weren’t alone in the tent with the gold Thurber and Jack were the main cleanout guys that did the final cleaning of the gold. So I suppose now you’ll be accusing Thurber of being a thief.

    And of course the crew were getting paid, what the hell do you think the operating costs were?

    Operating costs include wages for the crew, they get paid a wage plus a percentage of the profit.
    That’s why they needed a minimum of 70 ounces, to cover wages and fuel and so on, anything over the 70 ounces was gravy.

    • Des Dunstown
      June 1, 2012

      What is wrong with you guys, can’t you see it is scripted crap.I have been working in mines and ran my own mines for over 35 years now and after watching gold rush Alaska I have to say it is fake fake fake.Only the lamest brain could believe it to be true. It is a typical example of the way the discovery channel is going. They are scripted documentaries,trying to make everything dramatic. I watched this show with a few mates who are also in the mining game and we just laughed ourselves stupid over some of the crap that is on that show. Number one rule sample bore that is the first thing you do, I have my own borer saves a lot of cash. If you go in blind you are an idiot. They test sampled in the 1850s they didn’t start digging at the first place they saw. Then setting up a wash plant what a load of bullshit. What about the so called leader Todd, does he actually do anything, from what we saw he just sits on his ass giving orders. I would love to be that be that Dorsey guy I would have dropped Todd on his ass that quick and that is what he needs a good belting. And he can’t do maths either,First season it cost $250g then he borrowed $25g from his sister, treated her like shit when he asked for it, I WOULD HAVE KICKED HIS ASS THEOUGH THE DOOR wonder if she got it back. He owed Earl money on the Duplex jig, They got $20g in gold so with other costs lets say he is down $260g on the first season next season He tries to con some investor who saw straight though him then he buys a D8 dozer $37g and excavator $45g new pump $6g ,without any money. Then his mother offers to sell of part of their airport to cover costs. Great son. That’s another $88g in the red. then brought a wash plant plus riffles and extras so we can say around $100G in the $260g on the first season that adds up to $360g all up but it is probably a lot more, they get 93 ounces that adds up to $148,800 they are still short $211,200. That’s not counting diesel, food ect. How the hell is that making a profit? From what I can see of Todd Hoffman he is a lazy user that means he will use people and when he no longer needs them he will toss them aside. Like his best mate Harness. Dorsey was used, like he is doing to Dave and I think Dave’s father and brothers can see what hoffman is like and Dave cant. My mates and I have been working for years mining and it is not like what’s shown on Gold rush Alaska there is none of this reality shit.


      • Goeff Miller
        June 3, 2012

        Your spot on Des,Its a load of crap.

      • John Fordson
        June 7, 2012

        Brilliant summary of a bullshit reality show.When you watch both series back to back and then watch them again it really shows up the mistakes and the way they think,the producers of the show should be on criminal charges it is deceit.

      • Mark H
        November 13, 2012

        Looking to work in a gold mine 20 years of shovel n dozer work .let me know
        Thanks. Mark H

  13. Frank Bulkass
    March 13, 2012

    Todd Hoffman is a dumb bell for getting rid of James Harness, if they don’t bring that Dorcey guy back as a replacement, or Give James a second chanse, I may not be watching it next season
    If Todd would go away, or both him and nasalman Jack, the show would be better, I say put Parker in charge of the Hoffman claim. Then I would really watch it then.

    • m5tech
      March 13, 2012

      Frank I do agree with you about Todd. He’d be better as an employee rather than the leader. However, I think they made the right decision getting rid of Harness. He simply wasn’t part of the team in Season 2. So far Parker Schnabel is in first place if the contest consists of who can lose the most money. So I’ll give him some credit if and when he earns it.

      • Fergal
        August 28, 2012

        Todd has no leadership skills. He konws what back pain is as jack showed us.
        That other clown with the meg fucked off a couple of weeks ago why wasnt didnt he
        get the boot. Harness is old school machenic the best there is. I hope he is snatched
        up. Anyway that clown Todd is unable to make desicions on his own. What is he getting out of Discovery.

  14. Frank Bulkass
    March 14, 2012

    Todd Hoffman don’t care about getting, gold he only cares about, where he’s getting his next beer, look at the guy he’s the size of a house, and there’s no doubt, him and his Santa Claus lookin dad, aren’t skimming gold off the top to pay sis, and the beer tab for Todd. Get Harness back on, and James Dorsey, and get rid of that drunk Remsing, who is a violent out of control,bully. Dorcey should have got him locked up for assault. Punk….hey Thurber, ditch the Stalin Stash, its really civil war era….anyway, out with Todd, and

  15. Greg LaForge
    April 4, 2012

    Well i met some of these guys the other day, Dave T and Greg R seem to be very nice fellows, my understanding is that Todd gets 300,000 per episode and the rest of the boys get 1,000 per episode, that explains why Todd has the money for new equipment every year, they are expecting to become the largest placer mining company in the Yukon Klondike within three years, The crew has been sponcered by Volvo for season three and will supply a bunch of Volvo Equipment , two new wash plants are on the way, i actually don’t watch the show because i don’t get cable, and i stumbled onto their gold claim by accident while looking for work

    • Des Dunstown
      May 31, 2012

      CRAP,My brother works high up in Volvo and he said that is nothing but lies.

  16. Irish
    June 15, 2012

    I am so glad I came here as I was watching this and thinking 100oz was a shit amount of gold to mine in a season and not enough to break even or anywhere close to it.

    I did wonder what fatty hoffman did all day and as was said above the answer is fcuk all! 🙂

    This is just a tv series – is any of the other miners in there genuine?

  17. raquel
    June 19, 2012

    You guys are just is much crazy fun to read as the show is to watch.
    The Schnabel mine seems to be an authentic family hobby mine and my vote for Parker and his Granpa. The rest of the “miners” are fun to watch in a train wreck sort of way.

    July 19, 2012


      July 19, 2012

      YOU GOD!

  19. bubba shrimp
    August 17, 2012

    the hoffmsns are two fucking morons get rid of that old crow thar sounds like a squakey toy and his fst ass blubber son cry babies they couldnt mine ricks for pennies

  20. Cole
    August 17, 2012

    Harness is a fucking junkie of course he took the gold, he needed to get his fix. Now I’m watching this jungle episode. Why don’t they just get a claim in Nevada, one of the largest gold producing regions in the world. The entire Hoffman team has got to be the stupid bunch of people I have ever seen on tv, with the exemption of Dave Turin. I love gold but not enough to keep watching these fucking monkeys trying to fuck a football.

  21. keetzer
    September 6, 2012

    Hmmmmm !!!! i wonder how many people would be on a forum talking about GOLD if it wasn’t for the GOLD RUSH series in the first place. And how many people have gotten GOLD FEVER since. If nothing else its informative in “what not to do” when thinking or going hunting for gold.Personaly,it has stired my own interest in looking for gold back in the emerald isle. It seems Ireland is one of only a few places around the world that you find 24k gold. The celts of old produced huge amounts of jewelery weapons helmets chales’s and ornamentals from gold.Maybe there is a pot of gold under the rainbow. My own ancestors go back to 4000 BC and later were the “Three High Kings Of Ireland”…… “The O’Driscolls”.

    If it weren’t for the show i i wouldn’t have known or even bothered about gold, but now that i know where to look i’l be lookin ta fill me “potta gold”

    • Potato eater go home
      January 25, 2014

      Being Irish is no reason to brag!

  22. Gold Digger
    October 20, 2012

    Tood Hoffman is as dumb as they come. The only bigger dumb ass is his dad on the show… The apple don’t fall far from the tree. Maybe the discovery channel will can me. I have been digging for gold all my life, and my nostrals have the callus to prove it. Trust me… my show would be much more interesting!!!! and not fake.

    • Mark H
      November 13, 2012

      If you need help I would be more then glad to gold mine with you20 years of heavy equipment work

    • Potato eater go home
      January 25, 2014

      Picking your nose doesn’t make you a Gold miner!

      • visitorinlitened
        December 24, 2015

        Wow. You sound like a potato yourself. Baked of course. Can you make a sentence that does involve slamming someone? What is the subject here? You go home …maybe watch sister wives or the kardashians and comment there. Slam crap like that and the ppl who watch it. You can pick your nose but not the ppl who’s comments appear.

  23. Jim Cunningham
    October 23, 2012

    Watching this show is like watching a toilet overflow: You want to look away, but you can’t!

    • OSUbeaver
      February 12, 2013

      I just laughed so hard I spit on my laptop.

  24. billy bob t
    October 25, 2012

    Hi- one time I did that one thing at that time.

  25. shocbomb
    November 10, 2012

    I wonder how much Gold the Hoffmans have stole off the top from there fellow miners ?

    • Potato eater go home
      January 25, 2014

      Toad Hoffman bottoms from the top

  26. Jim Cunningham
    November 19, 2012

    Two comments in one:
    1. If fat-boy so much as mentions “1000 ozs.” avain, I am going to fly to Alaska and kick his ass.
    2. I laughed and laughed when the kid pulled the bridge. Shows that ol’ sombitch there is kharma, especially for a#%holes!

  27. Fred
    December 3, 2012

    in the first season, they coulda BOUGHT Gold for 150 grand, sat on it for a year and doubled the money… instead the worked their asses of for diddly squat. How stupid can you get …

  28. Craig
    December 8, 2012

    I wonder if all of the Gold Rush boys spell as poorly as most of the writers on this page. At least the Gold Rush boys know enough real vocabulary to get their point made without resorting to profanity. Get a vocabulary book and learn some words to express yourself that don’t demean you.

    • Potato eater go home
      January 25, 2014

      Spell check this Faig… Go Fuck YourSelf

  29. rod
    December 10, 2012

    why dont you stop crying..i prefer to watch this any day of the week instead of all the old replays there are in the us..i dream of jeaney etc..most of those who bark would not be able to do half the work they do in a day.

  30. Todd
    January 5, 2013

    What amazes me is the vast amount of criticism being spewed from so many idiots. It is so discouraging as an American to sit back and read the vile and pointless opinions of such a large amount of the public. What used to be applauded and celebrated was the work ethic and fortitude of the men and women of this great country.Now, no matter the subject being discussed, the diatribe and constant blathering of uneducated,uninformed,unnecessary ,and down right stupid opinions people spew out of there mouths is nonstop. And its infuriating.If your going to run people into the ground for trying to get ahead in this world,first,learn punctuation.Then learn grammar and proper spelling.After you have learned all these things so you can present your opinion properly,the next thing to learn is the ability to think. Last but not least,ask yourself one thing. Does my opinion matter?I’m positive that if you ask yourself that one question,with any humility,you will more than likely answer no. If your one of the people in this world that just can’t help yourself when it comes to forcing us all to view your post’s,please consider my request.The next time you feel the need to run someone down for trying to make a better life for them and their families,take the first step in helping them out. JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!

    • Lance
      January 10, 2013

      Todd: I think you meant “their mouths”, not “there mouths”. No comma needed between “unnecessary” & “and”. And it is “if you’re going to…”, not ” your”. You made the same mistake with “if your one of the people…” which obviously should be “if you’re one…” so obviously it wasnt just a typo – you apparently aren’t very educated in spelling, punctuation or grammar. So ’till you learn to spell, how ’bout you STFU yourself.

      • Gold Rusher
        January 27, 2013

        You wrote “No comma needed between ‘unnecessary’ & ‘and’. . .”
        It is not necessary in some cases, but often it is the correct way to punctuate. Google “serial comma” (also known as Oxford comma). Most of the time the serial comma clarifies, but when an appositive is included, it can lead the reader to an improper conclusion.

        The other points you made were valid.

        BTW, the show is totally scripted, so arguing about whether Todd is a bigger jerk than his dad or whether James is lazy is like arguing whether The Incredible Hulk is stronger than The Thing.

    • Potato eater go home
      January 25, 2014

      Toad Hoffman bottoms Harness from the Top!

      • Bob Rogers
        January 25, 2014

        I agree with ya everybody comes out the woodwork to try to kick a man when he’s down. But this is when you find out who your true friends are during these time.

        And the tater eater comment. They need to look at your fearless leader they would notice it looks like he goes thru about 3 50# bags a day all by himself. And when god was passing out brains he thought he said rain and ran for cover. Just don’t pay no attention to all that

    • rob barton
      December 6, 2014

      You comma key just called. STOP!

  31. K Piers
    January 11, 2013

    I wouldn’t trust none of them. Just the actions and secretes moves they show on TV. They act like they are in this huge monsterous formal thing. I personally couldn’t stand the Hoffmans and hoped to see Fred with it big until he fired that one guy over taking those pills. That was bull-butter, but in the defense of that situation the guy was operating like he was totally messed up so maybe he was. It just went down tacky. The lil power drunk kid, used to pull for him until he showed his age several times. IDK out of all these people maybe I’ll go back routing for the clowns aka hoffman crew. Really love the show but it’s a cool enough thing (gold mining) that it could be shot with just about any crew. We’re just left pulling for someone out of three.

  32. Royce Lerwick
    February 4, 2013

    Todd Hoffman is a manipulative sociopath. He is a know-nothing. Jack Hoffman, is a mildly demented old morphine addict who played a very minor role in the gold craze of the late 70’s to mid-80’s. Skills: Todd: BS Artist. Has apparently made a lifestyle out of manipulating religious, family and friendship connections to self-promote various grandiose projects. Jack: Has a basic understanding of how an excavator works, but not the slightest clue about even rudimentary engineering or physics connected to actual excavation. Jack has a basic familiarity with panning, the most rudimentary gold mining skill that is normally a testing and prospecting tool, not a means of production. Little boys who read Westerns think grizzled old prospectors actually mine gold with a pan.

    The main Hoffman accomplishments: Todd–has a talent for losing claims, excavating the wrong claims, the wrong areas on own claims, buying nonexistent claims on the internet, and when finally getting a workable claim, doesn’t know enought not to be telling the claim owner’s man to piss off when he is sent out to investigate the Hoffman crew’s obvious lack of knowledge, experience, performance, or talent in gold mining. Jack–spends most of his time through all three seasons so far, undermining himself while mindlessly digging holes with all the skill and intelligence of a toddler in a sandbox. While much was made of Jack for his genius in finding a small amount of gold in his “glory hole,” the fact is, anyone digging down to bedrock anywhere would probably find some amount of gold on that claim.

    The reason for investigation of Hoffmann’s old claim at Porcupine Creek? Parker Schnabel’s operation as well? That’s clearly down to Todd and Jack Hoffman’s shamefully ignorant television exposure on national and international television making the entire mining industry look like a circus run by mentally and emotionally challenged children. In the west, it’s usually the wagon train following the arse-holes who pass through stirring up the natives and locals that gets retaliated against.

    Before Harness tried to beat up the claim owner’s representative when he came out to personally report on the wisdom of continuing to allow the Hoffman’s to mine on his land, they’d already run off one Jim Dorsey, and made him the butt for all the frustration over Todd Hoffman’s ignorance and poor leadership skills. (Manipulation is not necessarily leadership.) Dorsey was a bit too soft for the lifestyle and had no skills but his rather sharp mind to offer, but the truth is his whining came about because he was the first to realize that Todd and Jack knew absolutely nothing about mining gold and his life’s savings was all down the toilet.

    Dorsey knew, for example, just enough to know that the money in any mining operaton is made at the concentrating table–a table that should have been set up and tested on day-one and running all season to tweak into fine tune. Instead, in just one of dozens of proofs of the combined Hoffman ignorance and stupidity about mining and life in general, even though Dorsey was the only one who bothered to read the instructions, and free to spend the time to adjust the table, Jack in particular deemed this to be a waste of time and preferred to hand-pan some several tons of buckets. Likewise, one of the reasons Dorsey had so much trouble, apart from Jack’s idiotic jerking it around instead of making gradual adjustments, was that both Jack and Todd bought and packed in a wavetable, entirely the wrong sort of concentration table for the claim and soils. When he was finally at wits end, Dorsey became the object of scorn and abuse by these “good Christians” and Harness was ready to shoot him. Dorsey fled leaving the local authorities with not a very pretty picture of the Hoffman camp.

    This picture of tragic, emotional idiocy, as I say, was also confirmed by Fred Hurt, who had been sent by the mine’s owner, so not only did Fred report back to the owner, but Harness’ assault and other threatening words and actions from Todd and company played this out on international television. Why then, is anyone suprised when you have a Federal mine inspector dogging down the claim at the start of the next season?

    Of course, by then, Todd had botched the payment on the lease and lost it. There was no skullduggery. Todd was told very clearly by Fred who he was and why he was here and that he was in danger of defaulting on his lease out of sheer incompetence. (Yes, that’s a clause in the lease.) But it became even easier than that for the owner, who wanted the Hoffman carnival off his land however he had to manage it. Todd took himself out of the picture. Todd just screwed up as usual. He skipped a payment on the lease. End of story.

    Yes, producer Doyle and Discovery at that time imagined the Hoffman’s to be brillian entrepeneurs, but they had no idea how to mine gold either. So they let Todd have the benefit of the doubt, and based on the BS Todd was spinning, made Fred out to be the villain to deflect blame from himself.

    It still amazes me that anyone can see the Hoffman’s, Jack and Todd, specifically, to be anything like heroic or even honest. Certainly not self-honest. I don’t blame the dupes they conned into facilitating their fantasy adventure, partners or Discovery or Doyle. But anyone who’s ever had anything to do with gold mining or even general construction could immediately see the Hoffman’s were fools with no useful knowledge or skill related to mining anything.

    Not only are Todd’s idiotic moves immediately obvious to anyone knowing anything about mining or gold recovery on even the lowest level, but it becomes equally clear, as in the concentrating table struggle, he invariably relies on a thick haze of his own mouth-borne methane to cloud the minds and eyes of his “friends” when he very quietly brings in the gear or experts he should have had in the first place, as if it was all a surprise, or unexpected.

    When jack spent all of season one digging straight down under himself till he almost fell in to his own “glory hole,” Todd begged in Dave Turin, a guy who actually knew how to terrace an excavation. He brought in Freddy Dodge to do tables and wash plants. So basically he replaced himself and his old man and all the skills he and dad pretended to have when they conned their church and personal families into investing. The show has evolved in two and a half seasons to prove that the Hoffman’s are useless and worse, counter-productive, and that their friends have actually learned how to mine in spite of them, not because of them.

    For instance, a recent show in the third season shows Todd being strong-armed by Turin, Greg Remsburg and others, into breaking into two teams, one led successfully by Dave Turin and another a dismal failure and expensive waste of time and money led by Todd and Jack. Todd’s solution is to combine the crews, and Todd’s “night shift” starts off first thing by cramming so much material through the previously very reliable wash plant that they jamb the feed belt, then erode most of the support base below the sluiceway. When Turin wastes most of the next day backfilling the sluiceway to make sure that doesn’t collapse, he gets behind on stockpling material for the night shift. Todd discovers this when the dirt runs low, and sends one of his crew to back up dumptruck loads of earth to a 50-foot sheer cliff in the pitch black night, to dump it over the side to the plant below. Hoffman actually balks at freeing up another man to watch the cliff and direct the backing process even while the driver is refusing to take his life into his own hands.

    Then Todd claims (breaking the 4th wall, oh, mugging the camera really) that he’s not doing it for himself, he’s doing it for them. This however, actually has some connection to a boast he made to his main investor that he’d produce a thousand ounces of gold, so in truth, it’s not about reliably making the plant pay off, it’s about proving just another of Todd Hoffman’s boasts.

    In summary, this season is no better than any of his other seasons, and the issue is not who showed up to investigate Parker or Dakota Dave. The issue is the non-stop, dangerous, deadly stupidity with which Todd Hoffman and his demented, dope-fiend of a father run their operations. They ran Harness off because of his addiction to morphine, but they make no such protestations about Jack, who continues to operate massive machinery in a pointless fashion, and for some reason remains the only moron they trust to concentrate and measure their gold.

    So, really. It’s about the Hoffmans yes, but in the end, the camera eventually showed us, even you uninformed masses, just who the Hoffmans are. From the first “after the show” interviews, it became clear that Todd has made many efforts to snivel and complain and weasel his way out of camera-shot when he’s being stupid. To extort the producer, director and editor to extract his mose asinine moments. But that’s video verite for you. The truth tends to come out anyway.

    • Bob Lingle
      March 2, 2013

      Well said, thank you.

  33. ytrip
    February 4, 2013

    todds a muppet.. too gullable.. hope it goes well for them tho nex season!!!

  34. slorobert
    February 23, 2013

    I’m by no means a gold miner, never done any. But I do have a little experience with another aspect of made for T/V shows and how they go. I grew up working on the deck of a super slab (in other words a 96 foot shrimp boat). And shrimping is about the same as prospecting for gold. Always hunting for the mother load just a different type of gold. There is way more water than land to work out there and search.
    But if any of ya’ll happened to watch the series big shrimping last year you will understand that is a made for T/V series if you’ve ever been on a big shrimp boat. You may find em and you may not, but that big rig is highly expense to operate, and when you are out for 30+ days you either got to get em are you go in the hole quick because it rarely ever shuts down. If you make very many zeros you want be in business long.
    So in other words neither job is not that much different. Both are big risk endeavors, except on a boat there ain’t no payroll only a cut of the catch after expenses are made. So your lively hood is in the hands of the captain making the right decisions ( ie Jake and Todd Hoffman) if they make the wrong decision there hole crew will go home broke. So as for as I can see for no more experience than they have, the last couple of seasons they have come a long ways in learning what they are doing mining for gold.
    So to get to what I got to say, gold is not the only pay they are getting, the Discovery channel is paying them well to film the show. There is a lot of responsibility on a job like that if someone gets hurt and they are more than likely in way a lot. So I would bet they get well paid to film the show plus the gold they extract.
    Because the shrimp company that they filmed big shrimping off of where paid well to film it, enough to build a new boat big enough to accomudate the boat crew and the film crew. And we talking a couple of million just to build.
    In other words there is a lot of pressure on those mine bosses, and I can’t say I know anyone that never makes mistakes. Most everybody downing these men don’t have enough nerve to put there lively hoods on the line like they have!


  35. slorobert
    February 23, 2013

    Most of the guy’s righting in these post and dog talking these cruses probably have little to no experience mining there self,so it makes it easy to point out other crews mistakes.
    But at the end of the season they all did a great job,they got what they went after, they may not have got what they wanted, but they did it. They should all bee proud of what they accomplished. I say a great job to all.
    And not to take away from any crew at all, but not know anything about mining, and all the bad mouthing the Hoffman crew walked away with a load of gold even after all the trouble they had with the 1st tromal & getting started so late it the season.
    I would go back n think of all the trouble they started out with and rethink what they ended up with!!!

    My hats off to both Jake, Todd, Dave, n all the Hoffman crew!!!!
    And a very,very good job well done by Parker with little more than he had to work with, and I hope you the best of luck next season. You’ve got it n you!!!!!!!
    N the way Jack has talked to n done to. You deserve less!!!! You need to be taught some manners!!!!!
    But I still wish you all the best (finding the mother load)

  36. slorobert
    February 23, 2013

    I know this is not a application, but if anyone needs a hand I sure would like the opertunity to come up there and work,work,work. Ain’t no quit in me. I work as long as needed,days,nights don’t matter,
    I have operational skills on cranes up to 75 tons, dozer operator from john deere 450 up D-9 cat, excavators from the smallest up to a Cat 345. And any end loader from a Cat 910 up to Cat 988
    Experience 26 years of heavy equipment operation
    Some dump truck driving
    Have some experience on a drag bucket & clam bucket


  37. NegraJoe
    October 17, 2014

    The only thing that matters to me is my cool $1.7 million that Discovery pays me every week for providing the teen truck stop runaway whoore girls for cast and crew.

  38. devin
    December 18, 2014

    Rest in piece James Harness..

  39. Steve Radlinski
    February 7, 2015

    Todd Hoffman is a fat lazy douche canoe. He has to tell everyone every single thing he does over the radio! “Come on dad, I’m going to wipe my fat ass.” Always standing around acting like a big shooter! If it wasn’t for the $400,000 Discovery pays him each year, he would be bankrupt! Dave is the only one on the crew that has his shit together!

  40. Jon
    April 24, 2015

    referring to the beginning of season two. Fred Hurt is the biggest piece of shit on earth. If i where Todd i would have filled that glory hole back up and make that shit eating fag do the work himself. Good job on looking like the biggest snake in the world on national television you limp dick geezer.

  41. Sydney Lowe
    December 20, 2016

    If I hear one more whinge/ whine from the hoffmans about their luck and how much they have or have not made I think the whole clan should be canned, or do they get paid by the number of whines they put in

  42. Johnathon Cressy
    November 16, 2017

    It’s actually a cool and useful piece of information. I am happy that you just shared this helpful information with us. Please stay us up to date like this. Thank you for sharing.|

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