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Todd Hoffman is no leader

I’ve had the privilege of working around some good leaders in my years. It only took two episodes of viewing Gold Rush Alaska to realize that Todd Hoffman is no leader.

You need no further proof than when James Harness brought his girlfriend into camp during Season 2. Any real leader would have stuck a boot in James’s ass and made him either repair the equipment or leave the camp permanently.

Just imagine for a moment if James Harness would have been working for Dakota Fred. Dakota wouldn’t even let his son Dustin rest in the trailer when he was sick and running a fever. Instead Dakota Fred pushed his son to get inside the equipment and run dirt.

Dakota Fred would have lit a fire under the ass of James Harness and made him produce… or Harness would have been dismissed from the crew immediately.

And that’s exactly why Dakota Fred will bring in the biggest haul of gold in Season 3.

Todd Hoffman lacks the ability to call the shots because he is lazy (damn just look at him). Most often he doesn’t even know what is going on (cause he’s not really interested) and then feels timid about telling anyone what they should be doing.

If Todd was really in charge he would simply tell the guys what they should do. He would be involved… heavily involved and wouldn’t care if the guys liked it or not. He would have a vision and implement it… even if he pissed off a few people along the way.

And that my friends… is the difference in Todd Hoffman and Dakota Fred. Dakota will make it happen… because he IS A LEADER. He’ll piss off whoever is necessary to make his boys get off their asses and give 150%. Period.

It’s no wonder that Dakota Fred took the mine from the Hoffmans. My goodness.. how long should a capable leader stand aside while a bunch of half-asses ruin a good gold claim?

Good for you Dakota Fred! God bless you in Season 3!!!

If the Hoffman crew was smart… they would fire Todd Hoffman immediately and anoint Dave Turin as the leader of men. Dave has all the qualities of a great leader… that man will produce gold… I’ll bet my blog on it!!!

7 comments on “Todd Hoffman is no leader

  1. Dan
    July 27, 2012

    For practical problems, sure Dave is a natural leader. He showed that when dealing with the problems of raising the wash-plant and the sourcing of clean water across the creek. But for the overall vision, I’m not so sure. Guys like him have a dark side too – they aren’t too good with human situations like Rensberg’s situation when he was outa sorts.
    However, Todd is plain stupid on most things other than human relations. The failure to pay the lease on the old claim; the total lack of a plant maintenance provision for vital machines, no spares, even no idea how good or bad crucial parts on the machines were; the granting of fun leave to Jim Harness when a water filter was desperately needed; the dumbassed idea that they could work 24 hour shifts with no deterioration on men or machines; the bullshit predictions on ouncage from clean-outs; the hogwash about chasing the American dream . . .
    . . . and the biggest folly of all — having his cranky old man on the crew. Todd is no planner, no businessman and sure as hell no miner. But he does have a handle on human weakness.

  2. Bee
    February 9, 2013

    Todd Hoffman ruined gold rush for me. I had to stop watching cause he was such a dickhead!

  3. Blake
    February 9, 2013

    Todd Hoffman is completely inept. He is costing his weight in gold with his horrible ability to make sound business / operating decisions.

  4. ANTI Todd
    February 15, 2013

    Todd Hoffman = constant mistakes! He doesn’t plan ahead, doesn’t listen, ignores the obvious.. WHAT A LOSER! Step aside Todd and let Dave run the show and the MILLIONS will be made, instead of lost!

  5. Josh
    February 28, 2014

    Time to fire Todd Hoffman and his clown crew. They need to base the show around Parker, Tony Beets, and the Dakota Boys. Who are the investors that keep giving Hoffman money?

  6. RcBigTuna
    March 14, 2014

    Tod and his dad are manipulators not leaders. I’m a Tug Boat Captain and there isn’t one job on the entire vessel that I haven’t done or won’t do. Like the deadliest catch, you got to be a leader by experience. Tod has hustled all his friend and the people who invest in him. I started at the bottom as deck hand on fishing boats working 20 to 48 hours in a row day after day. Tod never should have started out as a leader and if he can’t do what he expects from his crew then he doesn’t have the right to demand others……. just saying

  7. carmen clements
    October 18, 2014

    Scott….this is for u ……I been watching this show since the beginning…..u complaint u dont have a land why u left to go to south america looking for gold there? u going to tell me u came back broke?……where is all the equipment ? u used to own in Klondike ??……now u don’t have money?……I don’t believe it……Parker is younger than u and he is learning but he don’t give up. u have to many working for u and u have not make money??…….the show pay u for been in the show too. get out of the mine business if u dont want to be on the tv show. I wish u my best to u and your dad.

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