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Should Parker Schnabel go to college?

Parker Schnabel lost $35,000 in Season Two (reported in the final episode). As Parker Schnabel considers college he should consider this: there’s no doubt than in the United States, college is over-rated and is not necessarily an indication of the income you will receive. College is pushed by bankers and federal agencies who have a financial interest in getting kids indebted to student loans and subsidizing the incomes of professors. See also, The Todd Hoffman Motif.

Seriously… it’s not about the education… it’s about getting the student in debt to the student loan system so financiers can make money off of our stupidity. One has to look at the actual results of those that completed college and the impact it has had on their income achievements across the span of their lives.

The predicament for Parker is that a college education may not increase his financial achievements over the span of his life. However, a college education does allow one to indulge in broader and more balanced reasoning skills. A broader, more thorough education, allows one to comprehend scenarios at a deeper and more thoughtful level than those who’ve not been introduced to a variety of lifestyles and cultures.


Parker Schnabel needs to forget about the fame and the cameras. He needs to stop mining. He lost a ton of money his first year on Gold Rush BECAUSE he is so inexperienced in business and life in general.

Parker, at such a young and impressionable age, needs to take a break from the cameras and reality t.v.. He needs to get back to the basics of being a young man without the scrutiny of  5 million people watching his every decision.

Parker… for the sake of your future… please get out of the gold mining buisness. Walk away from the cameras and the fame.

I swear to you… it will be the best thing you ever did…

Just walk away now while you still can…

12 comments on “Should Parker Schnabel go to college?

  1. John
    March 10, 2012

    College can be useful if you have a specific goal in mind and it is something you aspire to. Forcing a kid to go to college for the sake of going to college is a waste of time and money.
    I myself have been to college twice as an adult and benefited both times in two different careers because I was ready at the time.

    Secondly Parker didn’t find a lot of gold because the mine is running out of pay dirt, it has nothing to do with inexperience. He has more experience then the whole Hoffman crew put together.
    Grandpa John there has been mining that claim for years, and the fact that he is willing to back Parker on this new site that he found speaks volumes. Leave advising Parker to the people that know him, and the situation he is in.

  2. m5tech
    March 10, 2012

    John, thanks for sharing your point of view.

    In reality it is estimated that a college degree does increase ones income over the life of a career. But the statistics ignore the facts that often those who complete college have a higher IQ and likely would have made good money either way. We all know a lot of people who aren’t smart that have degrees to no avail towards their personal income.

    That being said… I personally have a Bachelor of Science degree that I have never used (not for work anyway). I decided to study a subject in which I was interested. But once I graduated college I found I had much better financial opportunities in a career path in which I already had experience (retail business) acquired from working while in college.

    When it comes to Parker Schnabel I think you are mistaken. The fact that his father refused to financially back Parker for another season speaks volumes. His grandfather’s willingness to back Parker seems a lot more like a pleasure seeking adventure than a business decision. After all, Parker’s grandfather gave a reason for backing Parker another season with his own money… which was “I can’t take it (the money) with me when I go (pass away).”

    It seems to me that at 91 years of age, grandfather John is merely seeking enjoyment from watching his grandson Parker pursue adventure and stardom.

    Here’s the problem I see with Parker. I believe it was announced on the March 9th episode (or the aftershow) that Parker had lost 35K in season 2.

    Parker Schnabel, as an individual… suffered no personal consequences for having failed at this business adventure. Now… grandfather John wants to fund Parker another 100K to possibly lose 100-200k in season 3.

    Basically this is nothing more than spoiling the hell out of a child. When you throw money at a child to blow… and allow him to blow it (without seeing positive results) you corrupt the child. Granted they may not be buying Parker a new Chevy Tahoe or designer clothes… but they are spoiling him nonetheless. And if Parker fails?

    No biggy… it was just somebody else’s money. That’s no way to start a young adult on a path of discipline and responsibility.

    I believe that the national attention Parker is receiving, along with his family throwing money at his adolescent whims are a bad idea. In the long run… I think Parker would be better served to walk away from this now and take some time to reevaluate his life and ambitions.

    It’s really hard for an 18 year old to make adult decisions when there’s 5 million people watching his show.

  3. Warren
    March 23, 2012

    Parker should go to college and become a Geologist. This would be something he could use to help him find gold more easily. I would do that if I were in Parker’s shoes. He could use that knowledge each summer to find more gold as he funds his education.

    • Dan
      July 27, 2012

      I was thinking the same, Warren. What’s more, I think that doing a geology or mining engineering/management course could well be done while he’s working in a proper mining operation. Even if there is no college offereing these courses – and this should not be so in that part of Alaska – then there are piles of colleges offering distance learning courses. So if Parker does settle down to work for the (very profitable) Swedish miner he visited in Season 2, then he can start the study programme once he’s settled in there. It’ll be longer than doing a regular college course but his day job gives him the benefit of much more practical application and a greater incentive to learn. He’ll not meet the same diversity of people that he’d meet in college. But Parker is not planning to become a doctor or lawyer or corporate executive, so this putative ‘loss’ will not be as great as the real gain to his self-esteem from being up and at it with the real men in mining every day. I also think it’s time he left the ambit of his family as far as work goes. I hated seeing him rowing with John Schnaebel over switching off the wash-plant. Working for someone outside the family will give him more perspective and appreciation of his family as human beings, not just entrepreneurs.

  4. m5tech
    March 23, 2012

    Geology would be good… or a degree in engineering of sorts.

    • Gary LaRue
      July 29, 2012

      Go to college, Parker, and get A degree in geology, and mining engineering. You are A natural to this profession. Mine in the evening, and on weekends. You will never regret getting A good education! TV is where the money is at. Someday you will have A family of your own, and you will be resposibile for there support.

      • A Rucho
        September 4, 2012

        Parker listen to advise on Geology and Mining degree

  5. Russell
    October 19, 2012

    m5tech sorry,but completing college has nothing to do with having a higher IQ. A higher IQ just indicates how easily someone learns,but to complete an education takes ambition more than anything else…a desire to drive yourself to finish a goal. Also,there are 3 basic types of intellect: Memory,Calculatory,and Wisdom. Everyone has all three,but to different degrees. I have a poor memory and my calculation skill is average,but my wisdom is above average,so I can absorb information and theorize a solution to a problem better than many. I wish my memory was better,but it’s something I have to live with. As for Parker,I agree with John,only the people who know Parker should offer him advice. From what I’ve seen of the show,if I knew him personally,I’d say walk away for a few years. He gets very emotional when he succeeds and fails,which is a sign of his immaturity(He IS still a kid). After a few years,he can return,IF he still wishes to,and apply what he’s learned away from it,for being away will also clear his mind and allow him to see things differently than he does being there on-sight.

  6. deed
    October 20, 2012

    Yea–a degree in Geology. I wish I had gone with Geology myself. I do know one
    thing, his interests will change later in life. When In was young, I was facinated
    by biology–now my interests are more geared towards the physical sciences, and

    I guess the love of money never gets old for some of you? Actually, I despise
    wealthy people–they lack depth, and believe me I know. I live in Marin county.

  7. Wingnut
    December 27, 2012

    You can go to college at ANY age, Parker. Mine like hell while you still have the enthusiasm!

  8. Debbie
    March 9, 2013

    To Parker’s mom…. You’re doing a good job, but don’t let your love for Parker’s “cuteness” as your son, overshadow what you deserve out of life. I always told my now grown children that as long as they lived in my house, they had to follow my rules. I didn’t make life unbearable for them, but they still had certain rules to follow.
    Parker’s ha-ha attitude about his foul room isn’t really cute to anyone but an 18 year old (or younger). The stench coming out of the room will eventually slide out under the door and attack you in other areas of your home.
    (Remember, you deserve better.)
    And yes, he should go to college. If he hits the motherlode, how will he know what to do with his money??

  9. Frank Zakshesky
    March 1, 2014

    I really look forward to each Friday to see what Parker and his crew have done since the previous show. His Grandfather, John is my favorite of all on the show.
    Parker should go to college when he decides to do so, himself. He should decide what he wants to do in life. For myself, I’ve seen my college education as placing me in situations where I could make a personal contribution, by designing equipment that never existed before. Rather than the technicians who helped me, who had to do exactly what others told them to do.
    So, becoming wealthy motivates a lot of people, I feel that making a contribution to life is what is most important. For as Walt Whitman said, “You are here, That life exists and identity. The Powerful Platy goes on. And You may Contribute a verse.’ .

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