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Is Gold Rush Discovery fake?

No… Gold Rush is not fake nor is it scripted. However, each member on the show does receive a payment per episode and they also get a lot of freebies. For example, I believe the new Volvo equipment seen on Season 3 was given to the show simply for the marketing value it brings Volvo Corporation. See also, The Todd Hoffman Motif.

Though there isn’t a script, there are certainly times where Todd may explain something to Dave Turin. Though they likely already had the conversation – they go through the conversation again slowly with the cameras rolling. This helps the viewing audience have a good understanding of what is happening at the mine.

Though the show isn’t fake/scripted it certainly isn’t 100% reality either. The money provided to the miners by Discovery Channel, along with equipment subsidies put these miners in a position to continue mining while losing money.

One also has to consider that the fame of the show has attracted private investors that have placed capital in the operation in hopes of getting a profit. Though the miners never seem to make any money… just the popularity of the show might cause an excited (less intelligent) wealthy individual to drop cash on the mining operation.

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  1. Gold Rusher
    January 26, 2013

    Yes, it is fake. Jimmy Dorsey was on the first season of the show, check out his blog.
    Did you not notice the cameras focusing on the boulder that was about to destroy the de-rocker?

    Dorsey is right, Todd is mining viewers, not gold.

    • d from birmingham
      March 1, 2014

      And Dorsey blog is full of crap. Anyone who has ever bothered to read how a tv show is put together rather then what people think it’s put together could see that Dorsey is making shit up.

      “Did you not notice the cameras focusing on the boulder that was about to destroy the de-rocker?”

      The de-rocker which was in a wideshot by one of the camera crews of which there were multiple camera crews. Camera crew people are trained to focus on things and if they see something interesting or sense something is up they will turn to it. The best camera guys are the ones considered to have a sixth sense for being in the right time and for capturing the best angle of something. These guys go to war zones, crime scenes etc and get shot at as well as sometimes killed getting the perfect shot.

      • Watcher
        April 13, 2014

        you are an idiot. Discovery saw something that started to gain a lot of traction. People “bought” into this style of show. SO discovery decides to ad sponsors by using the equipment you talked of. That is usually a desperation tactic BTW when a how is getting ready to go WOOOOOSH. So your comment is both idiotic an nonsensical.

    • cbccomment
      January 18, 2015

      Not 100% fake, but certainly scripted. I stopped watching it two weeks ago because the “scripted” portions had become over the top. Too bad, the produces should have left the winning formula alone. These are the same reasons I stopped watching Axe Men.

      • terry hhh
        March 9, 2016

        the worst is storage wars canada EVERY LINE SEEMS SCRIPTED

  2. jimmypoo
    February 1, 2013

    This show is actually not fake. While I admit some of the editing synchronization may be out of order, they are really mining. For anyone that doubts its validity let me start off by saying there are much cheaper ways to make a fake show. No need for expensive equipment etc.. in order to make a fake show. Second, there are real investors and firms that will not put money for a show to find fake gold. Todd really does have real investors. 3rd, Parker’s grandpa is notorious in his town for pulling buckets of gold and while the wealth of the family may be somewhat skewed, the mine and Parker are very real.

    If this was a fake show theybwould bot have failed in season 1. Instead they would have prevailed. They wouldn’t scam investors that could sue them and discovery into bankruptcy either. The investors Todd has are part of a billion dollar firm

    • Watcher
      April 13, 2014

      you are an idiot. Discovery saw something that started to gain a lot of traction. People “bought” into this style of show. SO discovery decides to ad sponsors by using the equipment you talked of. That is usually a desperation tactic BTW when a how is getting ready to go WOOOOOSH. So your comment is both idiotic an nonsensical.

    • Dennis
      October 17, 2014

      I agree and want to believe, but I just saw something that now has me questioning that how much of this show is now going to be fake. On the premier this year Parker and his bud are transporting rock trucks 55 miles back to the mine, everything is going good until the truck slides off the road at full speed. The problem is that there was a camera that happened to be sitting in the middle of the woods miraculously in the spot the the truck slid off the road into and actually hitting the camera which it was approaching head on. This really bugged me for two reasons, the first is I like to think this show is real for the most part and stuff like this makes me question how much is fake, and second, how stupid does discovery think their audiences are that they will think while setting up a shot like that that the viewers will believe this is an accident? It pisses me off when producers assume that their viewers are idiots and do not have the intelligence to realize that stuff is fake. There is enough good content in this series to not have to do this forced drama bullshit so why even make it look scripted and fake??? Maybe it has been mostly true up to this point but the plan is to script all of this fake stuff in this year?

      • Joe
        October 17, 2014

        Whether the show is fake or not, it’s pathetic that discovery has kept the Hoffman crew for so long. Todd has is most inept person I’ve ever seen in my life. To watch the discovery channel pay him to fail is ridiculous. I used to love the show but watch it in more.

      • Joe
        October 17, 2014

        Whether the show is fake or not, it’s pathetic that the Discovery has kept the Hoffman crew for so long. Todd has is most inept person I’ve ever seen in my life. To watch the discovery channel pay him to fail is ridiculous. I used to love the show but watch it in more.

      • james
        January 2, 2015

        I agree. I hate it when show has enough good stuff going for adds in all the over the top crop. Like pawn stars. The shop is cool enough but now half the show is about their scripted antics. Gold rush needs to stop. Promoting parkers accident for 2 weeks tossed he is perfectly fine. I’m glad he is but stop the bulletin and just goldmine. I’m not sure if I’ll make it to the end. I find myself fast forwarding to the end to skip the ship and see the gold tally

      • Just Reading
        February 22, 2015

        well said

      • Tahoe Driver
        November 28, 2015

        That camera placement was the turning point for me also you explained it quite well.
        The Hoffman’s couldn’t “lose it all” if they failed in the first season cuz Discovery already had them on the payroll.

        Todd’s crew looked like a bunch of buffoons for several season

    • Anonymous
      May 27, 2015

      I am not trying to be an ass, but dude, you have a strange interest in protecting this show.

    • austin
      December 14, 2015

      For as much “mining” being done they dont show a lot of msha or follow all of msha regulations (msha = mine safety and health administration)

      • Tahoe Driver
        December 14, 2015

        Klondike = Canada = different regulations then USA

  3. jimmypoo
    February 1, 2013

    Like I said the editing is a must for any show and portions are over dramatized. That being said, the mines are real, their asses are truly on the line, and while some of their “risks” as far as being bankrupt if they don’t succeed are well over stated. However, they really did this and the gold they find is real and their approach is real. They do not have mishaps for the show, nor do they fake what happens.

    A formula for a fake show is budget. Anyone that views the “set” immediately knows Todds operation is far from cheap. If you want to make a fake gold show the budget would be a fraction of what it is and Todd wouldn’t have failed his goal two times in a row. They won nothing except to pursue theor dream. Fake shows generally don’t have losers. It’s part of the formula. If it qwas fake their would be fake fights, wrestling matches, and other kinda of cheesy BS you can see on Operation Repo or Hard core Pawn.

    If its is a fake showthen the producers are blowing several opportunities to “hype” staged garbage. I don’t mind the clever editing because they have to make the show interesting. However, the show is 100% factual in its content. Their assets are hidden and some of the timelines are mismatched, but its an unavoidable part of making an interesting show.

    Fake shows would have less equipment, staged drama, accidents, and the miners would unexpectedly find lots of gold. Sorry angry miners and pissed off construction workers, this show is real. For proof I will say that it was my company that led the failed camera blimp during production.

    • Royce Lerwick
      February 4, 2013

      Sorry, nice try. I’m just not that much of an imbecile. Between the product placement and the Discovery stipends, rumored to be 80 grand in some quarters and more for Todd and Jack who as a team at a minimum reap double that. Volvo very clearly has kicked in and Discovery in the agreement blurs out most other product logos. Anyone who regularly has a product on the show but won’t kick something in the kitty gets blurred. SOP in these “reality” shows since digital technology made it easy and cheap. Super trommel certainly kicked in his product in hopes of a great marketing coup, but naturally Todd and the thing itself rendered that effort innefectual and counterproductive just like all of Todd’s other efforts.

      So, do they actually mine gold? Some of them do. Does it matter? No, not in Hoffman’s case, because he’s duped enough investor money into this hoax to sort of help limp along, and all the product placement reimbursment plus the Discovery salary renders any imperative to actually find enough gold to run at a profit moot. One could argue then, that the Hoffman’s are very ineffectively really mining gold. After three seasons and three or four claims they’ve just now found a few hundred ounces. Which, frankly, in that context is a drop in the ocean and really amounts to three years and millions of dollars down the toilet.

      It that mining then? Not really. “Really” mining would mean they probably never got enough money to lease Porcupine Creek, never got enough gear up to accomplish a thing, washed out and were bankrupt in the first season.

      The formula, well, there again the best formula pits the hero against tremendous odds and stretches that battle over as many seasons as the producer things he can maintain suspended didbelief and suspense in general. Then comes the payoff. Oddly enough, this is the “formula” I think we’re going to pretend to see in the coming week or so. Though again, in “real” terms, even with the thousand ounces, that’s a three-year failure that still leaves Todd Hoffman in debt for millions of dollars. But then, even you concede that part of the show isn’t “real.”

      Unlike American Choppers, the Hoffmans never build a single chopper. Not in three seasons. A “real” documentary has some very specific requirements, and this show doesn’t meet them by a long shot. Video Verite dude. Look it up.

      • John Bailo
        May 17, 2014

        You could by extension also say that investing cameras and equipment by Discovery and not knowing if a single person would ever watch a show about a bunch of construction workers from Oregon, spending 15 minutes fixing a compressor would attract audiences. Even the Fake-Reality shows do much more editing and would never leave half of the real time mechanical issues in there, but for me, and I assume the rest of the audience, they are half the excitement.

    • Steve Smith
      February 9, 2015

      What do you own stock in the production company or are you really that naive?

    • Lol lol lol lol lol – Sure it’s real. None of it is fake huh? I ESPECIALLY like the shot of Parker’s truck slidin off the road! They must have just happened to have a camera crew in the woods for the entire show. And that camera crew “just happened” to be at the EXACT spot where Parker went off the road lol lol lol lol lol lol

  4. Stiles byrne
    February 2, 2013

    Don’t know about fake but here in season 3 last night said they where at the break even point with 400 once’s how can that be when they have to give the land owner 20% then the super trammel was 850k and not working and saves wash plant was like 700k plus all the running cost. Even if they got to a 1000 once’s that would not even be close. So stop trying to fool the common people watching

    • Mikey
      February 3, 2013

      Stiles, I have been saying the same thing. The break even point?? Really Jack? Did you figure that we don’t know how to use a calculator. If their operating costs were a meager $1k/day, that’s 150k. They have 2 dozen crew, wives & kids, diesel, hole boring costs, etc, etc. We the viewing public have been keeping count and it’s an insult to our intelligence to mention a break-even. I watch more for Parker & the Dakota Boys/girl these days.

      • Stiles Byrne
        February 3, 2013

        Totally agree plus his investor that keeps coming up asking what’s going on. I know Volvo has given them the equipment for the advertising. I would just happy with just watching Parker and Dakota Fred. They might not get as much gold but smaller crews and less equipment. That relates to the common folk unlike Todd and crew doing it for the fame

  5. Royce Lerwick
    February 4, 2013

    My latest curiosity is why Todd Hoffman keeps claiming he did a sizzle reel and pitched the show to Discovery, and yet he is given no such creative credit–except on his own Facebook page.

  6. Phil
    February 16, 2013

    It’s fake, Todd Hoffman uses bible quotes, “316 mining” but I find it hard to think Jebus would approve mining for gold. I’m sure the Discovery Chanel decides who will win. I bet never broke even and his dad is still popping pain killers!

  7. marcia blackman
    August 24, 2013

    It’s fake. Todd is a moron, who put him in charge? He couldn’t find gold in Tiffanys. His father’s voice is like chalk on a blackboard; please just let him run that machinery and keep his mouth shut. They travel all over; and it’s paid for whether or not they are successful at mining.

    • Heather Broatch
      May 7, 2014

      Lol! Yes, I wish they would put a muzzle on Todd’s father!

      • Justin May
        October 28, 2015

        You fake son of gun he sounds just fine he is just old.

    • Junior Mack
      December 6, 2015

      I agree that voice makes ya just cringe up.

    • terry hhh
      March 9, 2016

      thank you parker may treat people like a piece of shit but todd and his dad grate me the wrong way bullshitters with bibles!!! lol

  8. Bill Shoun
    September 12, 2013

    Fake, Fake, Fake. Todd is just another dumbass American that thinks he’s from the greatest country in the world. There never ending “thank The Lord” BS is enough to make us puke. This South America show was one of the best comedies on TV last night.

  9. Greg Link
    September 13, 2013

    All of you keep watching though. Todd is a pretty smart guy, he brought Dave in to give the show a little more credibility in the mining sector. I think most of these posts miss the point. In the middle of the worst recession in the last 75 years this guy had an idea, He dragged a bunch of his friends up to Alaska and has obviously made out pretty well, I don’t think someone who is as bright as Dave Turin would be following him around due to faith? He has one of the most successful shows on cable and really isn’t that all that matters?

    • Dockman
      September 14, 2013

      Really I haven’t watch any of this season. How can you say he did pretty good, last year he didn’t even make enough to pay for the stupid none working wash plant. And that didn’t include Dave’s wash plant that he said he spent like 300 man hours on and a bunch of material cost. Plus all the running cost. Also they got all the heavy equipment for free cause Volvo advertised with them. So when they say they got the 800 ounces ( mainly dave ) they forget to tell everyone the total breakdown of all expenses. There is know way a real legit company would do the accounting and be in the black. Plus paying the guys. Yes it’s fake and scripted just like every other reality tv show. Everyone thought storage wars was real too.

  10. Frank
    October 25, 2013

    Fake, Fake, Fake…..or they stupidest group of people in the world. Who in the hell brings 100’s of thousands of dollars of equipment so far and doesn’t bring a few extra fuel filters and parts specific to that piece of machinery? Scripted fake drama, reminds me of the Beverly Hillbillies but a lot less funny.

    • Shawn
      December 8, 2015

      Frank, actually part of the issue up there or up on the North Slope which I support as part of a Fortune 100 company is transportation to get everything up there, storage once you are there, and the fact that the weather breaks spares down. Every year we bring up a years worth of spares adjusted to what we saw the previous year and every year we run out of something and have to get it up there.

      The area that they are in is so far removed from a transportation or distribution hub that like the North Slope when you break something or the weather/conditions cause multiple breakdowns of a part that hasn’t been a major issue before you can wind up have to do a lot of scrounging. Plus you don’t get UPS or FedEx overnight there either, so you wind up having to go an find something or cannibalize equipment to keep the rest working.

      Also if the weather turns on you sometimes you have your shipments all ready to go and half of it doesn’t make it before you lose transportation. A lot of issues where they are.

      That said, the only time I have seen us run out of fuel filters or air filters involved a dust storm that was there for almost a month. Couldn’t keep the stuff out of anything and used them up at 60 times what we normally did. Also had shortages of other materials that the grit got into as well. But that doesn’t happen all of the time.

  11. Stiles
    October 25, 2013

    @frank I totally agree but that’s for the tv affect for the idiots that believe is all real. Like when the bridge needed to be re-built and there just happened to be wood right on site after what they did to get machines there. Fake fake fake

  12. Fraser
    October 25, 2013

    Well ill tell you this, I do hate the drama side of the show, I think of it as filler. At the same time I do realize that this is a show, with a production manager telling the guys…. Hey have that conversation agin but let me grab the camera first.. so besides that I really enjoy watching the guys mine. The scenery is amazing, and watching the gold being separated is the best.
    I love the show and can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next,
    So quit bitchin. If you don’t like it, or Todd then F-ing turn the channel

    • Stiles
      October 26, 2013

      Only good part of the show is Parker, his grandfather and tony. What person in there right mine would put themselves, family and friends in danger of malaria for any amount of gold. Oh yea god will protect them my bad.

      • Hereditary Cheif Kahkakew Yawassanay
        February 17, 2015

        He is a moody and whiney lil shyt when he has to pay up as per his agreement with Tony or a breakdown occurs…without his crew he is another snot nosed kid who has been given everything by his family and acts like his is entitled and exempt from failing

    • David Yamen
      January 18, 2014

      yea what he said

  13. David F. Norman
    October 25, 2013

    I like to watch Todd act the complete buffoon. All of that praying gets me. Can someone who claims to be a Christian really believe that their god really gives a rat’s ass if they strike it rich? And where do they find all those crybabies?

  14. cato cato
    December 2, 2013

    Tony Beets is the real deal…the rest of them are phonies.

    • Sue
      January 16, 2015

      Tony Beets is an ignorant dick.

      • Hereditary Cheif Kahkakew Yawassanay
        February 17, 2015

        He is a Neanderthal…without a doubt

      • terry hhh
        March 9, 2016

        no doubt todd too!!

    • Hereditary Cheif Kahkakew Yawassanay
      February 17, 2015

      Exactly..without Tony arrogant smartazz Parker would be nowhere back in Alaska..If Tony had to rely on the claims Parker is working he never would have leased those lots out to make a living…and when he has to pull in 150 ounces he puts a few days into his mine and voila..unlike these other idiots he knows how to run his operation..I love it when Parker has to pay and whines, pouts and bithes all the way back to his camp like the spoiled brat he one is going to sell him a claim when they can have him work it and make 20%s

  15. Steve
    December 9, 2013

    It is fake. Go to Season 4, episode 2 “Learning Curve.” The first hole that Parker digs and pans, pause the show and look at the gold pieces and bigger black rock above the top flake in the green pan. Fast forward to where Tony tells him to dig and Parker pans the first bucket of dirt after he says, “This one looks good!” He is so excited to find gold in this pan, but it is the same exact pan from the one he was disappointed in. The same exact three flakes and black rock – the first one was no good and 6 minutes later the same pan “magically” has enough gold to make him happy.

    • d from birmingham
      March 1, 2014

      It’s not the same pan. Nor is the same amount of gold. You have incredibly bad recall.

    • Sophia Witwiki
      March 9, 2015

      O.M.G Steve you are my bigges Fan!!!!!!!

  16. Jon
    December 13, 2013

    Todd is fat and lazy and could care less if they find gold or not. They need to kick Todd and Jackoff off the show so save some credibility of the show anyway.

    • terry hhh
      March 9, 2016

      thank you

  17. Dick
    December 15, 2013

    NOT FAKE ???…..Check out the pulley that Todd sent a worker to get 6 hrs away from the jungle which would slow down the diamond washer….When Dave Thurber installs it – the hub is bigger than the shaft but he tightens a set screw into the key slot where there is no key. When they turn it the washer on the pulley is running perfectly smooth. Todd appears to be short a couple of bricks and the narrator drives you up a wall with all the doom and gloom. Mike Rowe would never do this show.

    • d from birmingham
      March 1, 2014

      And if you had paid attention the guy was told to get multiple sizes of pulleys and a few other things. Also you only saw a few seconds of a few minute job. Nor do you know what the hell you are talking about.

  18. Steve Houston
    January 19, 2014

    Whether it is real, fake, or somewhere in between, it interests people enough that there are many copycats out there. As far as the details about what is real or not, what the true breakeven point is, or just how much environmental damage is incurred; I suppose some of you sit around half drunk watching old TV shows arguing about how fake the effects are.

    Hoffman makes money via the show’s producers, the investor agreements he has with a lengthy line of people ready to sign up for shares, and through the mining. The show makes money via advertising, sponsors, and the network charging all cable systems a set rate. They really are mining for precious commodities, even reporting some of them (folks on set say not nearly all of it), but the leads are financially set via the show itself. That is why Parker’s mother let him mine for awhile longer, it was pointed out he could ride the wave a few years and pay off college before ending up working for Tony (and perhaps marrying his daughter). The family mine was depleted and he was going to work a “real job like his father” once he graduated, the show just proving too lucrative to pass up.

    As far as the editing, the doom & gloom narration, and other technical matters are concerned, I have to hand it to the producers for keeping it largely fresh for so long. It’s still miles ahead of the other mining shows, especially the semi-precious mineral show that is unbearably fake, or the female miner show that is so low budget it looks like it was shot on home cameras. Some of you probably forget that the pawn shop shows are STILL based on two families that have been in the business for years and the storage shows that are ALSO based on existing buyers who particpate in the completely fake auctions as a sideline but yes, the idiots on Gold Rush are destroying land just as miners have done for years, not just as a show.

    • Mike
      February 1, 2014

      What about the “diamonds”? Diamond mining is going to save “the season”. Really? LMAO The BEST diamonds (filmed) are perhaps worthy of industrial-grade saw-blade appointments and the “Show” would have the viewer believe these stones are so precious they’ll fetch thousands of $$ per Carat. Ummm…the largest (uncut, unpolished, untested) stone I saw was perhaps 1mm in diameter (equating to less than 1/10 of a Carat..uncut)…what’s THAT worth??

  19. Peter
    January 22, 2014

    They need to get rid of the Hoffman clowns and concentrate on Parker and the Dakotas – the only decent parts of the show. And for heaven’s sake, stop the formulaic “this is dangerous, whoops it slipped, ah, we made it” rubbish. I record the show and skip all the drama scenes as we know how they will end.

  20. Hugh82
    February 2, 2014

    Anyone ready for the Freddie Dodge and Dave Turin show? That might be worth an investment. Freddie is probably making big bucks privately on the back of his fame. Maybe Dave’s family run quarry isn’t paying as much, that’s why he is still there.

    Todd and Jack going home from the Jungle because they missed their families? Reality check, look around, especially at your extended family.

    Fred & Dave: ‘Just leave the rest of the Hoffman clan slapping their helmets together’.

    The way I see it, it is all scripted but the most realistic so far is the Dakota Boys.

    The big winners here are the Discovery crew, they will probably be on a roling contract.

  21. Randy
    February 9, 2014

    You Americans are all dumbass fucks
    You all still think wwf is real.
    You lot believe anything..

    • d from birmingham
      March 1, 2014

      WWF the physical stuff is real. They do get hurt.

      • Hereditary Cheif Kahkakew Yawassanay
        February 17, 2015

        WWE is as scripted as Gold Rush…fake and scripted is what Discovery channel specializes in

    • Cholo
      October 21, 2014

      WWF is an organisation that allows you to adopt animals, that said, I agree

  22. Anna Maria Perez
    February 10, 2014

    This show is awesome! It’s all real! They don’t even know the camera crew is there, it’s all filmed covertly. This is how real gold mining is!

    Seriously though, it is a pretty entertaining show and when it comes to reality, there is a lot more reality involved in Dakota Fred and Parker Schnabble’s operations than the Hoffman crew’s. The Hoffmans are clueless and obviously being carried along by Discovery. The 18 year old kid, Parker, forgot more about gold mining than the Hoffmans ever knew. I loved it when Dakota Fred kicked the Hoffmans out of Porcupine Creek. And by getting involved directly with Tony Beets, Parker is on the right track to make an enriching career out of gold mining. Beets is the real deal.

    If you want to see stupidity in gold mining that makes the Hoffmans look like Einsteins of the mining world, watch Jungle Gold.

    • Anna Maria Perez
      February 10, 2014

      Oh, I meant to say, I have experience gold mining, so I know a little bit about telling the difference between reality and scripting. I think the Hoffmans are just too stupid to be able to handle it without scripting.

      • d from birmingham
        March 1, 2014

        The only reason the Hoffs found only gold in season 2 was due to the non fuck ups most of whom left to work for Parker. Greg Remsberg, Chris Doumitt. Dave Turin and most of the other ones that went to Guyana should also leave to work for Parker.

  23. Tom
    February 15, 2014

    Over the past 3 seasons I have been willing to accept that while some of the show might be scripted, most of it was real. That was until the episode that just aired on Feb 14. The scene where Dustin had to go out on that cable was obviously staged. The fly over with the camera on the drone showed that the pullyes were still centered over the cable. Come on, how stupid do they think we are? For me, this is where Gold Rush has “jumped the shark”. I won’t be watching any longer.

    • Dockman
      February 15, 2014

      I totally agree. The first year was probably the realist cause they didn’t know how or if it was going to be watched. Then they had to step in and stage stuff and get big sponsors ( Volvo ). And there is no way Todd and crew last season even came close to breaking even with the two wash plants that had to be built. I wish they would just make it about how the gold is taking out of the ground and processed. All the drama is way to much. That’s why I watch Gold Fever on outdoor channel with Perry Massey it about all the different types of equipment and the process. It’s all about the amature gold miner.

      • d from birmingham
        March 1, 2014

        The wash plants were built by Freddy Dodge who leased them to Toad. Freddy Dodge will lease them to others such as Parker Schanabbel. So in reality those washplants didn’t cost Toad that much.

    • d from birmingham
      March 1, 2014

      Ah the reason he went to the cable was because the pulleys had been stuck on the cable so guess what they would have still been centered.

  24. John Jaaskam
    February 17, 2014

    The Hoffman crew is a joke. The first season was exciting – the potential for disaster, uplifting story, man against nature, problem solving, creative engineering. One clearly realizes by this season that Todd is an idiot when it comes to mining and yet amazingly brilliant that he profited so well from it.

    • d from birmingham
      March 1, 2014

      Profitted like Donald Trump. Todd Hoffman has gone broke multiple times. Donald Trump declared bankruptcy 9 times and has lost every single company he has ever owned as well as having a personal debt of over 9 billion dollars. Yet people still call Donald Trump a billionarie.

  25. John
    February 23, 2014

    Yes people,the show is not real. They could have summed up Todds’ experience in the jungle in ten minutes.If I was editing this show,I would have cut the Hoffmans completely out of season 4. Yes Todd is a smart guy for coming up the concept for the show,but their presence on the show now is a distraction(albeit a hilarious one) from the real story of Parker and Fred and the most interesting person on the show,Tony. That whole thing in the jungle with the Hoffmans was so poorly done and clearly fake,that it really takes credibility away from the show.

  26. Cris
    February 24, 2014

    I am not sure if these shows are on the same channel…but having a brother in law in a mc…the devils hand or whatever that stupid motorcycle group is…it is similar to this nonsense show…but if you watch it for scripted entertainment like big bang your mom show..then it is ok..not real but good nasty fodder for whatever…if you think any of these guys will strike it rich..they have fools…it is called TV…you know you wishec you thought of it first too..if u dislike it dont watch it…i will not watch again..but that is just me

  27. GEOFF
    March 12, 2014

    Drop the Hoffmans next year and film Tony Beets instead.

    • MikeF
      March 12, 2014

      I just saw the promo last night for the finale and Todd saying something about his critics ‘just sitting at home playing armchair quarterback’. I’ll watch to see what he means in context but it has to point towards many of us who think his foray into the rainforest was a dumb idea. Parker & crew sluiced more gold in 8 hours than the Hoffman crew did in 5 months. He was sold a bill of goods and Discovery picked up the tab. Parker & Grandpa John, Tony Beets and the Dakota Boys ARE the future faces of Gold Rush. After season 1, Todd was just a sideshow. I feel bad for Dave Turin as he obviously has skills but following the wrong piper. BTW, it this were “real” and Todd had to pay for his food bill, he would have lost 100# in the jungle.

  28. Nope
    March 21, 2014

    Of course it is not real. Who in their right might brings that kind of equipment to that kind of environment, with that kind of pressure and do not test the equipment on before hand? F-ing ridiculous.

    Drama. Drama. Drama. No more real that moonshiners.

  29. Patrick Lyder
    May 3, 2014

    I’m sorry to be cruel it’s not my intention but after watching these guys for a season I just have to comment.
    These guys are a walking disaster and dangerous as hell to themselves and the camera crew. Regardless if this is fake or not they should not be allowed any of the heavy equipment. The chances they take with the cables and chains is prove enough they have no right touching this stuff. They take one step forward and so many steps back they might as well be at the beginning again.
    This is a big project not something you knock off in a weekend in your friends back 40. Before you buy anything, move anything, do any dirting you plan and research and setup timetables and feasibility studies. You get a good geologist, you get SPOT photos, your get any land survey and mineral study reports. You get an understanding of the wildlife and the DNR regulations. You get a project leader with experience and a degree and holy shit you get an engineer.
    Individually there are 3 people in this crew that have a clue.they have talent and experience and I’m sure they know they are not doing this job right or safe.
    Should I mention the children around heavy equipment and wildlife and they river. They ground is wet and slippery. Kids, especially bored out of their minds kids, are attracted to water.
    And last but certainly not really last, their leader and “foreman”. I understand he is dedicated to this endeavor. He has forked over a lot of money and he wants it to really work out, but he can’t be the foreman and team captain. He’s just not smart enough. I know that sounds horrible but if you are truly honest you know it’s true. I’m sure he is smart in other fields, but this project requires a great deal of different disciplines brought together to get an understanding of what is involved.

  30. Justin Platt
    May 30, 2014

    Who cares? It’s entertaining for those that enjoy seeing something that most of us cannot do. I seriously doubt there are fake investors willing to throw tons of money on a falsified show. Can you say law suit? That’s a whole lot of money and gold for it all to be fake. I understand that there is a few things that are exaggerated during the show in order to peak viewers, but the work is legit. All of these types of shows throw in reality based drama to make it much more interesting. Although the high school drama in the show makes me want to change the channel, many people enjoy that type of garbage.

  31. larry
    October 14, 2014

    Kinda like pro wrestling.

  32. NegraJoe.
    October 16, 2014

    The show is fake.
    The only thing that’s not fake is the love of “Parker” for his gramps.
    And gramps isn’t the one pouring money into Smith Creek; it’s Discovery that’s footing the bill.
    I bring in the runaway truck stop girls for the mining and filming crews to have sex with, and Discovery pays me $1.7 million for that service.

  33. Joe
    October 17, 2014

    Whether the show is fake or not, it’s pathetic that discovery has kept the Hoffman crew for so long. Todd has is most inept person I’ve ever seen in my life. Watching the discovery channel pay him to fail is ridiculous. I used to love the show but watch it in more.

    • Joe
      October 17, 2014

      I mean watch it no more

  34. Jeff
    October 22, 2014

    99% of Discovery TV shows are all FAKE they think the viewing public is FOOLS WELL DISCOVERY WE ARE NOT PULL THE WOOL OVER YOUR OWN EYES

  35. Kevin Furlong
    November 14, 2014

    This s how is so fake. Isn’t it amazing that every time something goes wrong and they have no money to continue miraculous new equipment shows up or they just happen to find a part they need. They even tell you that you just can’t find anything up there in the season but they always do. The whole show is lies and incompetence.

  36. HappyCamperFinland
    November 23, 2014

    I just watched the season 3 (here in Finland), read the Jimmy Dorsey’s comments about like half-true, half-scripted, made some quick ad hoc calculations, and IF Todd’s crew really made that 803 oz (was the gold still 1600 per ounce then?), I’d say they made it to profit.

    Obviously Discovery financed the investment, or at least backed up for the investors, and you can’t count in the expenses like the production (say, 0.5 – 1 million or something on site, another for post production perhaps), the expenses of living commodities for the crew, cast etc, because they come with the tv-show. So this is a game, where you would count the cost of the equipment, diesel, repair etc. for the mines. And you exclude the lease (those being 10% I think at all the leased claims during season 3, I think. Perhaps there was also sweeteners from Discovery to get those claims, tho) from the profit.

    If you’w buy the equipment they had in use, then sold them afterwards after some repairs, or instead just lease them, depending the case and if they were brand new or used, you could perhaps have cost like 10-25% of their purchase price during the season. You would of course first repair the damage and spend money for that, but let’s include the repair cost’s the sum with the during the season repair costs, that I’ll estimate later.

    So they had about 10 heavy vehicles (for the game’s sake, here I’ll pretend those Volvos were purchased or leased), let’s say 100 000 a piece. 15% * 100 000 equals 150 000.

    The two plants, let’s say 300 000 total. 25% * 300 000 is 75 000.

    Repair costs during the season 150 days, perhaps 50 000.

    Diesel, 150 * 2000 equals 300 000.

    Espenses total 575 000.

    Here I discount the lease payments 90% * 803 * 1600 = 1 156 320

    Profit before paying the miners’ share 1 156 320 – 575 000 = 581 320

    How would the crew be paid, if this all were real, crew would have lots of experience, and Todd would have real ivestors for that 575 000 (perhapse he might have a minor share himself)? 5% of the total gold for all the 12 would make this poor investment, even if the crew were much more experienced. Risks being hight that they would make less than the investment? The bigger the crew, the smaller the share per miner would have to be.

    Perhaps the way, each gets like 500 per month, or 1% of the gold per miner until investment is covered, and after that (575 000 in this case), something like 30-50% from the gold.

    Let’s calculate the ROI for the investors, for giggles.
    For the first 575 000 the miners’ share is 12% * 575 000 = 69 000
    For the rest of the 1 284 800 – 575 000 = 709 800 (I’ll use the total value of the gold here, 1 284 800), the miner’s share is 40% * 709 800 = 283 920
    The miners’ would take home 69 000 + 283 920 = 352 920, that makes 352 920 / 12 = 29 410 being close to 6000 per month (wonder if Tony Beets pays this much…)

    581 320 – 352 920 = 228 400 total profit, and
    228 400 / 575 000 = 0.397217391 aka 39.72% ROI making a mediocre season for the high risk investment, using experience miners here just for comparison’s sake. I would guess both the investor and the miners would be happier with larger share of the income guaranteed, but the total share of the miners smaller from a good season (like 2% till the costs covered, then 20% for the miners).

    I just read the gold miners in Alaska (or Canada) make a bit over 15 000 USD in their first year, in average. I suppose 5 months season.

  37. Billy Smith
    December 13, 2014

    Tony Beets tearing apart a huge machine built form decades ago then move it .You would lose your ass no one would allow that in a comopany.Tony Is a funny dude, I like how they show his wife as the real muscle of the company keeping the books, not far from the truth!!

  38. Terry
    January 22, 2015

    Proof of being fake. On Season 5 episode 2,when jack and Todd are in the abandon wash room, they come across a pan which has specks of gold in it, however unlikely,mi could see how this would happen. What I am however struggling with is why the pan still has water in it if it has been sitting around for months. I would,have thought that the water would have evaporated after a few days. Sus!!!!

  39. Andreas
    February 25, 2015

    It’s annoying.. Every Discovery reality series gets messed up by scripted acting, and it’s so obvious to.
    And then it’s not a reality show anymore.
    It’s such a shame because there are som really good shows…
    As they get more and more popular, they try to bring more “exitement” to the table, but it’s really destroying the whole show. Either way, I bet they lose a lot of viewers..
    All the pawn stars series, all the storage wars series, all the gold mining series, even mountain men and Yukon men becomes more and more artificial with this acting and predestined situations.
    The worse I’ve ever seen is ‘Lizard Lick Towing’, wow that is brutally fake.. It’s so hard to watch, embarrasing..

  40. Hugh snyder
    February 27, 2015

    Anybody ever think about supply and demand? The more you have the less its worth so eventually the price of gold will drop to nothing.

  41. Hugh snyder
    February 27, 2015

    So keep digging that gold up sooner or later it will be as exspendable as people.the more people you have the less ur a job market. They can get people anywhere.if a dollar is backed by gold then the more gold you have the less a dollar is worth. Pawn shops are full oo gold jewelry they can’t sell. Silver used to be worth a lot especially if the double eagle coin.until they found the USS Constitution which sank full of double eagle you can get one for $20. Where as before there were only so many now the markets floaded

    • Lop 'em off, pronto!
      October 13, 2017

      You are painfully stupid.

      Cut your testicles off before they pollute humanity’s gene pool.

  42. Kevin Kwalton
    February 28, 2015

    I’m a carpenter for 30 years love the show and looking for a new job what you think

  43. James Dixon
    March 6, 2015

    I’ve been watching this mock show since it began… It just doesn’t ring true at all, especially when you put the pieces together…

    GoldRush is like The Battle of the Assholes… Different breeds, different types, different ages…
    They’re all loud-mouth white trash hypocrites driven by excessive greed.
    The show started with Hoffman, an inept jerk who Lost his crew’s gold-mining claim to “Dakota” Fred by carelessly not paying up–yet the fools Still look up to him as their leader and Still follow him. But despite being an asshole, he’s perhaps the least of them on this show! He puts on the usual bravado “leadership” qualities which everyone apparently admires despite making mistake after mistake (you almost have to feel sorry for him)… I find myself second-guessing
    many of his decisions and coming up with more direct, often simpler and more practical ones on my own. Concepts perhaps too high-brow for him to grasp… But it’s a TV show, right? If he just Quit while he was ahead it wouldn’t continue so we can’t have that. I guess it’s scripted. He’s also a hypocrite like all the others–except because he’s the boss he can get away with it.
    “Dakota” Fred = The Leading, cackling, smug super-asshole–typical Republican! This guy is beyond Asshole, right up there in the Reagan-Bush camp of “I’ve never been good at taking orders and you do it My way or get out!”–even brandishing a Pistol during one of the earlier seasons… The only thing missing is a cowboy hat and a bullwhip! Short-tempered, immature, arrogant to the hilt, and often boasting this fake smile you just want to punch! “Dakota” is his
    nickname; that Alone speaks for itself! This guy is The coldest, most heartless son of a bitch on the entire show. Period.
    Todd Hoffman puts on the bravado as a leader but keeps making blunder after blunder (the biggest and most serious one was losing their claim to “Dakota” Fred!). His men keep following him blindly though!
    Then there’s Parker (yes, that’s his First name!), the 18 year old spoiled rich kid who’s running his own claim and naturally is also quite immature but at least it’s justified because he Is! Personally I can’t understand nor stand the older guys twice or maybe even close to triple his age he has working under him. The worst of the lot are the ones who grovel at his feet because he’s the boss… I don’t like know-it-all kids, especially those who have tantrums when they make mistakes and roll their eyes at the camera because they can’t comprehend having Made
    mistakes! He’s got a Long way to go to growing up to be a man… Then there’s Tony Beets, ths hairy-ass jerkoff who he owes money to constantly, who comes on and can’t say a single sentence without it being bleeped out as the word “fuck” is an all-important word (on top of this incomprehensible Holland accent!). Again, he’s paid he’s happy. He’s not getting enough money, then everyone but him is an asshole! There is so much Hate here, it’s unbearable… In later years, Beets will become the super overbearing asshole of the series.

    All of them are overly greedy and obsessed bastards in their own right… Quick to shoot their mouths off and blame everyone else but themselves (they Will blame themselves when the time is right though to regain Some respect from the viewers and their teams apparently!)… They just keep pushing their workers to death and complain complain complain that they don’t have any money. Meanwhile they have their wives and kids living in these trailers doing jackshit. Well, if their husbands aren’t getting anywhere, why not put their wives and kids to work doing it the
    old fashion way and Panning for some gold? Oh, it might not amount to much but it’s better than Nothing! It all adds up.

    And they keep making the same mistakes over and over again, never learn from them, and keep on going. When they hit gold, everyone’s happy and smiling. When they Don’t it’s shit time and time to complain, bitch, and start kicking the lower ones in the hierarchy as though they’re personally to blame.

    I can only guess that the Discovery Channel is at least in part financing some of these teams, because out of the blue they seem to be able to draw upon funds for $10,000+ or $100,000+ machinery and goods… They make one mistake after another each year but still keep pushing on…

  44. kf23
    March 7, 2015

    I am done with this show. The Hoffman crew could not find enough gold all year and then when required they hit the objective so they may return next year. if only reality was just like that.

  45. James Dixon
    March 13, 2015

    …And then there’s Tony’s dredge fantasy. I just don’t know what to make of this one. The guy blows One Million Dollars on disassembling and then rebuilding this Century-Old ship (and in such an extroverted, over-the-top fashion that it’s conclusive proof that this man has a few screws loose in his head, and only a tiny fraction of that’s due to his use of ghetto language!)… When you think about it, it’s probably cheaper and more efficient to Build A Whole New One from the keel up! If this scruffy faced beast can blow a million on this, what’s the point, to make millions upon millions–for What? How many Millions does a guy Need, especially someone His Age? If he has a million to start (even if some is borrowed) he should be Retiring not having hissy fits screaming and demanding like an OCD teenager who’s had one too many sugary drinks…

  46. STi
    April 30, 2015

    I watched entire Yukon gold, bering sea gold. All of these shows have me thinking one thing in common are these people really getting gold? or the gold they are showing is just recycled lol!

    Gold rush is the worst of the bunch of gold getting shows, 2 super idiots, jack and todd, they shouldnt be even let close to any mining equipment forget about letting them into the claims.

    Season 1 todd take the alcan highway and goes all the way to get a duplex gig, once he gets there he dont have full cash, he says he will pay 50 and pay 50 later – absolutely staged, discovery channel already paid full cash for the gig. A $2000 worth rusted gig cost $15000 in the show, they want it sound it so expensive. Every aspect of gold rush says its fake, over done and over kill!

    In terms of the quality of the show, Gold rush makes it look so patriotic like these people have no other means than to mine gold, its like american army wives sending their husbands to Iraq and afghanistan..come on..stop the nonsense! bunch of idiots going to get gold? these cry babies cry at everything. These guys come to the wilderness and have everything they need? well yes because discovery channel is baby sitting them in the wilderness. Gold rush is the worst of the lot. Comparatively Yukon Gold and bering sea gold are way more believable than gold rush – although I strongly believe that all this shows are fake.

    • Strip Mine the World
      October 15, 2015

      I can understand the arguments that this is just entertainment… but why people can’t understand how it is much easier to make a fake show with fake results is beyond me.

      I love the idea of discovery actually buying gold from the real miners and using it to make Parker’s obviously stupid antics seem like they pay off. “I can pull gold out of the dirt… after I pour it in!”

      How would we know the difference? And it is much cheaper to “mine” already mined claims than to go where the gold is hot. Plant some gold here, plant it there, pretty soon it looks like you’re doing real mining!

  47. DrGoatse
    May 12, 2015

    The Goatse Gold Rush Is On! Click On My Name To See The Big Gold Nuggets We Found!

  48. Paula
    May 30, 2015

    Tell you what, if I was offered the chance to make a show where I would be paid well no matter what, I would jump at the chance, real or fake! Fast and Furious, not real, but the actors make millions. Real housewives, over-the-top scripted. Honey Boo Boo, stupid. But we watch what we want and change the channel when we want, like a capable human.

    Todd is smart to find a way to become so wealthy!!

  49. mat phares
    October 13, 2015

    The funny thing about this show is the split second drama scene of a rock truck driving off the road or a dozer getting stuck or sliding sideways or an excavator tipping and the tracks coming off the ground ect! these people must think were idiots …..1st off a rock truck does not get stuck driving off road….that’s what they are meant for!!!!! Any real equipment operator knows a rock truck bed is meant to roll to keep the cab from rolling…it happens every day….the dozer will slide on permafrost ground…..duhh!! these operators don’t realize what idiots they look like going along with the fake crap they are trying to pull….keep it real and stop the bs!!!! I guess at the end of the day they its a reality show…half real half fake! enough drama….its getting old….mob wives…….lol

  50. Vivian Leeds
    October 23, 2015

    My question then what does the natives of alaska think of this it is bad about the fishing industry and crabing for long time this was all plentiful and now because of everyone over doing everything up there in alaska i remember how beautiful it was when i was a child and how how my father would always share with the elders of our villiage so what next

  51. Justin May
    October 28, 2015

    gold mining is a lot better using cat machines but discovery cant afford them cause they are the top rated and expensive machines.

  52. James romanow
    November 10, 2015

    anyone been to the Klondike
    and seen if it all adds up to reality

  53. R Evans
    November 28, 2015

    Most viewers want Todd and Parker to fail. The show is fake.

  54. Mmmm I don't think so
    December 3, 2015

    Bollocks. If it’s not scripted how do they have storyboard meetings in a morning setting out which machine will break down that way. My friend is a sound recordist on the show.

    • Sierra Sid
      December 3, 2015

      Exactly! How do you think cameras just happen to be placed in the right spot or attached to various pieces of equipment to “capture the mishap”? Almost as Bad as AXEMEN i gave up on that show 2 years ago when I realized things “just didn’t add up and had to have been scripted” A local Reno NV newspaper did a story on the NEW Hoffman mechanic who happens to be from Reno, NV. I think one of the first things mentioned was a “NON Disclosure Statement” he had to sign. So Don’t ask if the show is scripted. 🙂
      He did mention about working with various people and how he liked them.

  55. Alice
    December 22, 2015

    In an interview Parker did himself, he answered the question of if the show is real or not- he said it is real, and sometimes he wishes it wasn’t real….why would he go to that question of his own free will and lie? He could’ve not answered that one like he did a lot of other ones….I believe the show is real

  56. Kash
    January 1, 2016

    Tony Beets and his wife are horrible people and they treat their workers with distain. What makes them think they can talk to people the way they do? Everyone thinks they’re a joke!
    The things they say to people, you can hardly believe they are serious but THEY ARE!

  57. Dave Salyrrs
    January 9, 2016

    Todd, you are supposed to be a leader in charge of a major mining company. Why are you constantly making remarks about keeping up or competing with Parker. You devalue your company reputation every time the mention of beating a kid comes up. Rise above this immaturity. He is indeed a kid but you are s man. Please move on and concentrate on your own business. Wish him well and let it go.

  58. Ken
    January 15, 2016

    Why do you have to colorize the miners eyes for the segments?

  59. Hugh Watson
    January 15, 2016

    Is 316 Mining not a 50/50 enterprise between Dave &Todd? Biased in my opinion. I can see this show’s viewers falling in the near future

  60. Michael A Lee
    February 8, 2016

    All these morns here need to stop their crying. It’s a show. People like you all bitch about a reality show and how the people seem to win all the time. Todd and his crew are poor investors, bad miners and they have come up with big loses in their seasons, they lose and still you bitch. Yes they do come back with scripted dialogue to explain what is going on to the viewers; or else we would be just watching a show and not know wtf is going on. yes in the past 2 or 3 seasons they have added more drama that has less to do with mining and more to do with getting to know the people who do the mining. Sure..o.k. I don’t like all of it but some of it I am very interested in. Like the show? Great. Enjoy it. Don’t? Great. move on.

    • Steve Lemley
      February 19, 2016

      Todd needs to go back to where he came from. Dave and crew can do what they know to do. Parker and crew got heart Todd just got stupid he always says I dont know’

  61. Alex
    February 26, 2016

    I like the show but these guys are tearing apart the environment. Makes for good TV.

    • Bob
      February 26, 2016

      You missed the show when Dave Turin showed how the mine sites were restored

  62. Jesse whitlow
    February 29, 2016

    Parker is a joke he acts like he knows it all I think he’s a little shit with a family that’s helping him out of it wasn’t for them he wouldn’t be anything. He’s way to cocky people don’t like him because of it.if it was me I would kick his ads all over that mine.

    • Jesse whitlow
      February 29, 2016

      My auto correct spells the wrong shit sorry for that

    • Bob
      February 29, 2016

      Jesse you pretty much right on the money, Parker is a total 180 degree different person than his Grandpa. Unfortunately it makes for “good ” TV although, he has no idea how to run a crew or motivate people. I’ve done both and have had compliments from my staff for it.
      Also what up with the DORKY hat Rick wheres? Used to be wearing a hat like that was a sign of a lack of intelligence.

  63. Greg
    March 1, 2016

    Strip mining the wilderness for a tiny bit of gold (if your lucky) If its fake, that’s even worse. Humans are so awesome!

  64. Gary Binkley
    March 13, 2016

    All I want from this show is the factual comparison of the amount invested to get the return that is bragged about. Havings dozens of trucks, bringing in a new washplant for 2 weeks, risking destroying ” valuable ” equipment, etc, insults our intelligence. I still will watch the show, but the fake competition is ridiculous when the cost factor is not included!

    • Bob
      March 13, 2016

      How true! Not to mention how MUCH Discovery Channel has been paying the participants since the very beginning! Also what kind of inducements from various companies to use various pieces of equipment or vehicles to get international attention (advertising). Also why do they use a foreign production crew/company instead of a US crew?

      • James romanow
        March 13, 2016

        It is filmed in CANADA not the United States why not Canadian film crew instead of British?

      • Bob
        March 13, 2016

        Good question also!

  65. Don
    August 8, 2016

    What was discovery channel thinking by not airing gold rush anymore?
    Way to ruin their ratings; right?
    Also what is the author of this going to complain about now.

  66. Viet Vet
    October 23, 2016

    I have watched Gold Rush since the beginning. What I do now is use my TV remote to switch to another channel whenever Todd ‘s segment is on. He is such a blowhard. I just can’t stand him, I think its the show’s productor’s way to keepthe show popular to others.

  67. James Lamere
    November 7, 2016

    some of that there gold looks just like doritos.

  68. Feivl
    November 24, 2016

    Neuer ever seen such an Idiot than too-stupid-to-piss-a-hole-in-the-snow-todd😆

    • Vft
      November 24, 2016

      Notice Todd has graduated to an expensive RV all others in his crew seem to have nice travel trailers. Where has all they money come from
      for all the new equipment since these are “people who were on the verge of losing everything” which was the tag line in the first few episodes. No mention of them getting money from Discovery. Where did the money come from for the fiasco in the jungle??? Producers must think viewers are really gullible or just plain stupid. The mechanic lives not too far from here but of course signed a non disclosure agreement so he can’t talk about what really goes on. Also I thought when Tony Beets was first intoduced they said he was from South Africa, I could have that part wrong though. Although Beets is a real dickhead the gold drives have always interested me as they worked in N. Cal at one time.

  69. Vft
    November 24, 2016

    That’s gold dredges not gold drives!
    Spell correct is a PIA sometimes!

  70. Paul Wray
    December 2, 2016

    In the first episode , Todd is driving up the Alaska Highway and makes the statement “,This is the worst highway in the United States.” Most of the highway is in Canada, both B.C. and the Yukon. The whole program is phoney and if not for Discovery Channel pouring in money, they would have gone broke the first year.
    Even the fact that they are in Canada is overlooked. They were in Alaska the first season and then moved to the Dawson area which is in Canada.
    Talk with any Yukon or Alaska miner and they will tell you that this bunch gives miners a bad name for both ineptness and stupidly .
    I have mined in the Dawson area and live in the Yukon so I have some knowledge of the situation.

  71. Bucky Moore
    December 23, 2016

    Seriously you don’t think it’s fake? Really, and Christians pray for a BIG STRIKE???????? Well not according to my Bible studies. Maybe you buy this but Todd Hoffman is about the most enept project manager I have seen.
    And shame on them all for using prayer for begging God for Gold so they can make some outrages goal Todd Hoffman sets,.
    And how about his mining elsewhere, and his tv production company, poor Ole Todd health just a big guy trying g to make his house payment. SHAME ON THEM ALL.

    • Vft
      December 23, 2016

      Too bad Discovery doesn’t pay attention to sites like this.

  72. Bucky Moore
    December 23, 2016

    Seriously you don’t think it’s fake? Really, and Christians pray for a BIG STRIKE???????? Well not according to my Bible studies. Maybe you buy this but Todd Hoffman is about the most enept project manager I have seen.
    And shame on them all for using prayer for begging God for Gold so they can make some outrages goal Todd Hoffman sets,.
    And how about his mining elsewhere, and his tv production company, poor Ole Todd health just a big guy trying g to make his house payment. SHAME ON THEM ALL.

  73. MW
    January 19, 2017

    I occasionally watched some episodes out of sequence on German TV (badly dubbed into Geman).
    The equipment and mining technologies used in these clips made me curious, so I started to watch a few seasons in sequence by downloading the original versions.
    This helped to get a more detailed picture of the personalities and also the production ‘methods’ by the British producers.
    My verdict so far:
    – in general these guys do operate their mines, albeit the operating costs, real crew sizes etc are hidden from the viewing public
    – it is questionable if they could operate the increasingly larger sites (in later seasons) without the financial support of the Discovery Channel support, product placement (VOLVO; MSI etc).
    – these folks are no actors, one can tell which scenes are ‘staged’ for the story telling. I am sure that the producers restage situations and discussions to keep the storyline intact. But if a dozer tips over or a dredge sinks, it does so by accident, not due to a script
    – the characters appear to be real: John Schnabel was my favorite for his wisdom and gentle giant behavior. It shows that his influence on Parker’s development in this family is correctly represented. The Dutchman Tony is way too hardheaded to be be given scripted lines. The religious mambo jambo and rookie behavior of the Hoffman team appears to be real as well; They probably would never have survived the first season unless a lot of backing capital (by whoever) was added to keep them afloat.
    – some episodes show interesting footage of the ‘making’ of this show; these reveal some good insight into the recording technologies, the camera angles, drones and copters used to capture some of the astonishing shots and actions. Again this explains that in general all involved people (film crew and mining teams) are basically real. That ‘shit happened’, but was put into perspective with some mild ‘helping’.
    Just like the moon landing: many called it ‘fake’; and indeed not everything the public ever saw was real; NASA did fiddle with several photos and tarnished its credibility somewhat by doing so.

    I do not like fake shows and hardly watch ANY of these ‘reality’ soaps. This ‘Gold Rush’ was appealing due to the cool machinery and crude mining mechanics,
    For me it is pretty close to ‘real reality’; one simply has to be aware that the later seasons are more and more ‘controlled’ by the producers, after they discovered their ‘own’ gold mine in this project.

    Having lived in Colorado for many years I saw real gold mines in operation in the Rocky Mountains. So it was a nice way to get reminded of the ‘gold fever era’ this way.

    Now if you ask me about the ‘Alaskan Bush People’ – I saw one episode and never came back to watch another – this IS obvious and utter fakery. I’d rather listen to John Schnabel’s wise words again, or to “bleeping Tony’s” mumbling.

  74. Geoff Miller
    February 6, 2017

    Gold rush is the fakest show that has ever been made

  75. Ky coal miner
    February 17, 2017

    I just wonder how some people make it in life. Some of the stuff they do on this show is ridiculous they have no clue about what they r doing. The mechanic work they do is a joke they can’t fix a flat on a bicycle.

  76. Vincent
    March 12, 2017

    Gold rush has turned into a soap opera and a bunch of cry barbies.Dave should be fired…And Tony should learn how to talk and looks like he needs a shower kids too.I LOVE the show but think I’ll I’ll not be watching anymore.The shoewith should be called days of our gold rush.Parker is also a rude person Rick is a hard worker and puts up with a lot of BSC from the pencil head. Can I work there…

  77. Johnnyboy.
    October 21, 2017

    Time for the Yanks to leave and head South of the 49th, half of the workers never have permits to work in Canada anyway, they should check them more carefully before they let them across the border.

  78. LastNorberto
    January 4, 2018

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