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Dave Turin brings in 350K

dave turinDave Turin and his crew at Indian River have produced over 220 ounces in gold thus far. That’s over $350,000 in U.S. Dollars. Todd Hoffman and his crew have brought in around 7 ounces of gold at Quartz Creek and are shutting down their operation due to equipment failures. See also, The Todd Hoffman Motif.

Dave brought in 350K from his first cut. He expects to run another cut and may produce 1000 ounces if he continues at this pace. Of the original Hoffman gang, Dave Turin has proven to be a great operator and serious gold miner. He has enough experience and ambition that he’d likely succeed at anything he tackled.

4 comments on “Dave Turin brings in 350K

  1. Micah
    January 28, 2013

    Dave is the man. He’s always thinking his way through challenges and never “Feeling” his choices. It was a calculated move when Dave took the Dozer from Todd – Either upset Todd or get pay-dirt. I think if Todd was already pulling out more gold from the same yards of pay-dirt Dave would send his guys to help if he thought it would make a more successful season.
    I look forward to seeing Dave cleanup on cut two. It’s too bad Todd’s crew is joining forces because now we will never know what Dave could really do all on his own.

  2. Douglas Pessemier
    February 25, 2013

    Please help toad hoffman kick his cocaine habits. After watching the live show hes clearly doing coke again. Please put him in rehab hes sick. He needs your help dave. Your awesome

  3. Mike Winstead
    June 25, 2013

    Todd…..Get the help you need ……I was able to kick it on my own but I don’t think I was in as deep as you are. Tell your family…..tell your friends…..But more than anything tell YOURSELF that you need help and just do it.

  4. Vincent
    March 12, 2017

    Todd is to fat to do coke.ur kidding right

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