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The Todd Hoffman Motif

gold minerThere’s a pattern of reckless ineptitude that has plagued Discovery’s Gold Rush program. I’ll call it the Todd Hoffman Motif. The most recent outcome of the Hoffman Motif was in tonight’s episode when Todd’s investor said he was withholding more funds until Todd appeared to be running a gold mine… which doesn’t appear to be happening at this time (Todd’s equipment is shut down again)

Here’s my observations that led to the Todd Hoffman Motif.

1) Todd Hoffman is the most overweight person on the show.

2) Todd Hoffman (and his immediate crew) are the least productive members on the show.

3) Todd Hoffman’s equipment constantly breaks… and remains broken.

4) Rather than working, Todd Hoffman and crew are most often found waiting, waiting, and waiting on “equipment to be repaired”.

5) Todd Hoffman has a lot of gut feelings…. all of which turn out to be wrong.

6) Everyone on the show has equipment problems, but unlike Todd Hoffman, they all seem to get back up and running fast.

7) Everyone on the show is mining except Todd Hoffman.

8) Once Dave Turin broke away from Todd he has mined efficiently and produced over 200 ounces (350K) so far in Season 3.

9) As soon as Dakota Fred took over Porcupine Creek he found gold. Though his equipment breaks, he has it up and running, usually in hours.

10) Parker Schnabel wastes an insane amount of money… surpassing even Todd Hoffman in losing money. Granted, Hoffman can’t lose more because his equipment isn’t running and so he’s not burning gasoline.

In a nutshell…. Todd Hoffman is the most unproductive member on the show. The Todd Hoffman Motif is like a virus destroying everything Todd comes into contact with.


14 comments on “The Todd Hoffman Motif

  1. e dingler
    January 23, 2013

    lol, the number and scope of Todd’s mistakes are staggering. The show is full of inconsistencies. One question I may have missed the answer to: What did Glen find in the test bore results that made him exclaim,”Smith creek is a bust!”?

    • AidentheBob
      January 29, 2013

      He found a silver bullet, meaning its not virgin dirt.

      • e dingler
        January 30, 2013

        i heard the announcer, I wanted to know exactly what he found. Was it literally an old bullet?

  2. m5tech
    January 23, 2013

    Notice the difference in intensity when you compare Dave Turin and Todd Hoffman. That’s why Dave’s crew is pulling gold while Todd’s crew is sitting. Every season Todd starts with a different wash plant. That’s part of the problem right there. He keeps trying different wash plants and each time they spend most of the season trying to dial it in. Just like this time and as a result they haven’t mined.

    • Micah
      January 28, 2013

      Todd would have been smart to have Dave run both camps. The investor is never impressed with Todd’s camp. Both teams have equal equipment yet one is a mess and the other is a well run business.
      Off Subject.
      You know what kills me? Why do they act like all the gold dumped out of the sluice and or tailing pile are lost forever? PROCESS THAT SH!T AGAIN! Todd has 20 guys standing around so why not give them a bucket and a pan? One ounce an hour seems possible when they concentrated all their lost gold out the ass end of that stupid trammel. Also, every time they sluice for two hours they pull out 7-12 ounces, but when they sluice for 48 hours they pull out 7-12 ounces. Why don’t they clean-out every two or less hours? The Stuper Trammel was designed to be cleaned out in minutes so why not clean-out every 60? Oh, and so what if the trammel lost it’s cork screw seal, caulk, bondo, or tape that shit up until the season is over. There’s always a solution to a problem, but the Hoffman’s accept way too easily that life “is what it is”. Ask Dave if life is what it is or if it’s what you make it?

      • d from birmingham
        March 1, 2014

        There are two types of tailings which is the waste product you are asking them to run.

        One is solid rocks that are supposed to have had the gold washed and or knocked off by the wash plant. These rocks every few hours get hauled off by a dozer which costs fuel to run.So to run these rocks again you have to use an excavator to load up the rocks in a dump truck, then haul the rocks to the wash plant then have those rocks be hauled away again.

        Second type of waste is the majority of the tailings which is a sludge. This sludge goes into a tailings pond where it’s meant to take years to settle. This sludge btw cannot be run through a wash plant to extract any gold because it would just go out again in a sludge. This is because of how the wash plants/tumblers sort gold out from dirt by using water. If you try to run too dirty water then you cannot catch gold because the dirty water will just carry away the gold. In about 20 years when all the minerals settle someone could come along and dig up that tailings pond and run it through a wash plant in the hope of getting something.

        So yes the gold is basically lost it cannot be recovered. Otherwise it would be a standard practice to run tailings instead considering them waste.

  3. Royce Lerwick
    February 4, 2013

    I know this is a duplicate and borders on spam, but it’s my mission to expose the hoax that is Todd and Jack Hoffman:

    Todd Hoffman is a manipulative sociopath. He is a know-nothing. Jack Hoffman, is a mildly demented old morphine addict who played a very minor role in the gold craze of the late 70’s to mid-80’s. Skills: Todd: BS Artist. Has apparently made a lifestyle out of manipulating religious, family and friendship connections to self-promote various grandiose projects. Jack: Has a basic understanding of how an excavator works, but not the slightest clue about even rudimentary engineering or physics connected to actual excavation. Jack has a basic familiarity with panning, the most rudimentary gold mining skill that is normally a testing and prospecting tool, not a means of production. Little boys who read Westerns think grizzled old prospectors actually mine gold with a pan.

    The main Hoffman accomplishments: Todd–has a talent for losing claims, excavating the wrong claims, the wrong areas on own claims, buying nonexistent claims on the internet, and when finally getting a workable claim, doesn’t know enought not to be telling the claim owner’s man to piss off when he is sent out to investigate the Hoffman crew’s obvious lack of knowledge, experience, performance, or talent in gold mining. Jack–spends most of his time through all three seasons so far, undermining himself while mindlessly digging holes with all the skill and intelligence of a toddler in a sandbox. While much was made of Jack for his genius in finding a small amount of gold in his “glory hole,” the fact is, anyone digging down to bedrock anywhere would probably find some amount of gold on that claim.

    The reason for investigation of Hoffmann’s old claim at Porcupine Creek? Parker Schnabel’s operation as well? That’s clearly down to Todd and Jack Hoffman’s shamefully ignorant television exposure on national and international television making the entire mining industry look like a circus run by mentally and emotionally challenged children. In the west, it’s usually the wagon train following the arse-holes who pass through stirring up the natives and locals that gets retaliated against.

    Before Harness tried to beat up the claim owner’s representative when he came out to personally report on the wisdom of continuing to allow the Hoffman’s to mine on his land, they’d already run off one Jim Dorsey, and made him the butt for all the frustration over Todd Hoffman’s ignorance and poor leadership skills. (Manipulation is not necessarily leadership.) Dorsey was a bit too soft for the lifestyle and had no skills but his rather sharp mind to offer, but the truth is his whining came about because he was the first to realize that Todd and Jack knew absolutely nothing about mining gold and his life’s savings was all down the toilet.

    Dorsey knew, for example, just enough to know that the money in any mining operaton is made at the concentrating table–a table that should have been set up and tested on day-one and running all season to tweak into fine tune. Instead, in just one of dozens of proofs of the combined Hoffman ignorance and stupidity about mining and life in general, even though Dorsey was the only one who bothered to read the instructions, and free to spend the time to adjust the table, Jack in particular deemed this to be a waste of time and preferred to hand-pan some several tons of buckets. Likewise, one of the reasons Dorsey had so much trouble, apart from Jack’s idiotic jerking it around instead of making gradual adjustments, was that both Jack and Todd bought and packed in a wavetable, entirely the wrong sort of concentration table for the claim and soils. When he was finally at wits end, Dorsey became the object of scorn and abuse by these “good Christians” and Harness was ready to shoot him. Dorsey fled leaving the local authorities with not a very pretty picture of the Hoffman camp.

    This picture of tragic, emotional idiocy, as I say, was also confirmed by Fred Hurt, who had been sent by the mine’s owner, so not only did Fred report back to the owner, but Harness’ assault and other threatening words and actions from Todd and company played this out on international television. Why then, is anyone suprised when you have a Federal mine inspector dogging down the claim at the start of the next season?

    Of course, by then, Todd had botched the payment on the lease and lost it. There was no skullduggery. Todd was told very clearly by Fred who he was and why he was here and that he was in danger of defaulting on his lease out of sheer incompetence. (Yes, that’s a clause in the lease.) But it became even easier than that for the owner, who wanted the Hoffman carnival off his land however he had to manage it. Todd took himself out of the picture. Todd just screwed up as usual. He skipped a payment on the lease. End of story.

    Yes, producer Doyle and Discovery at that time imagined the Hoffman’s to be brillian entrepeneurs, but they had no idea how to mine gold either. So they let Todd have the benefit of the doubt, and based on the BS Todd was spinning, made Fred out to be the villain to deflect blame from himself.

    It still amazes me that anyone can see the Hoffman’s, Jack and Todd, specifically, to be anything like heroic or even honest. Certainly not self-honest. I don’t blame the dupes they conned into facilitating their fantasy adventure, partners or Discovery or Doyle. But anyone who’s ever had anything to do with gold mining or even general construction could immediately see the Hoffman’s were fools with no useful knowledge or skill related to mining anything.

    Not only are Todd’s idiotic moves immediately obvious to anyone knowing anything about mining or gold recovery on even the lowest level, but it becomes equally clear, as in the concentrating table struggle, he invariably relies on a thick haze of his own mouth-borne methane to cloud the minds and eyes of his “friends” when he very quietly brings in the gear or experts he should have had in the first place, as if it was all a surprise, or unexpected.

    When jack spent all of season one digging straight down under himself till he almost fell in to his own “glory hole,” Todd begged in Dave Turin, a guy who actually knew how to terrace an excavation. He brought in Freddy Dodge to do tables and wash plants. So basically he replaced himself and his old man and all the skills he and dad pretended to have when they conned their church and personal families into investing. The show has evolved in two and a half seasons to prove that the Hoffman’s are useless and worse, counter-productive, and that their friends have actually learned how to mine in spite of them, not because of them.

    For instance, a recent show in the third season shows Todd being strong-armed by Turin, Greg Remsburg and others, into breaking into two teams, one led successfully by Dave Turin and another a dismal failure and expensive waste of time and money led by Todd and Jack. Todd’s solution is to combine the crews, and Todd’s “night shift” starts off first thing by cramming so much material through the previously very reliable wash plant that they jamb the feed belt, then erode most of the support base below the sluiceway. When Turin wastes most of the next day backfilling the sluiceway to make sure that doesn’t collapse, he gets behind on stockpling material for the night shift. Todd discovers this when the dirt runs low, and sends one of his crew to back up dumptruck loads of earth to a 50-foot sheer cliff in the pitch black night, to dump it over the side to the plant below. Hoffman actually balks at freeing up another man to watch the cliff and direct the backing process even while the driver is refusing to take his life into his own hands.

    Then Todd claims (breaking the 4th wall, oh, mugging the camera really) that he’s not doing it for himself, he’s doing it for them. This however, actually has some connection to a boast he made to his main investor that he’d produce a thousand ounces of gold, so in truth, it’s not about reliably making the plant pay off, it’s about proving just another of Todd Hoffman’s boasts.

    In summary, this season is no better than any of his other seasons, and the issue is not who showed up to investigate Parker or Dakota Dave. The issue is the non-stop, dangerous, deadly stupidity with which Todd Hoffman and his demented, dope-fiend of a father run their operations. They ran Harness off because of his addiction to morphine, but they make no such protestations about Jack, who continues to operate massive machinery in a pointless fashion, and for some reason remains the only moron they trust to concentrate and measure their gold.

    So, really. It’s about the Hoffmans yes, but in the end, the camera eventually showed us, even you uninformed masses, just who the Hoffmans are. From the first “after the show” interviews, it became clear that Todd has made many efforts to snivel and complain and weasel his way out of camera-shot when he’s being stupid. To extort the producer, director and editor to extract his mose asinine moments. But that’s video verite for you. The truth tends to come out anyway.

    • Jim Cunningham
      February 5, 2013

      You have said it well. Todd is self-absorbed and a total bully. He is proud of the fact that he has never worked for anyone! That is where you learn to lead and manage. So it is obvious… he never worked for anyone…….!

  4. Jim Cunningham
    February 5, 2013

    I agree. It is so hard to watch idiots!

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  7. Tim
    February 10, 2013

    Yes Royce, you pretty much said everything I have ever thought about this show and Todd. I just wonder though if Todd is as big of a moron as he portrays himself on the show or if it isn’t loosely script written like the majority of “reality television”. I think the main reason this show is so successful has to do with the fact that everyone tunes in each week to see how Todd can fuck up. I don’t start an episode without expecting to see at least one massive fail brought on by Todd. It’s sort’a like watching an episode of Home Improvement and waiting on Tim “The Toolman” Taylor to show us how it’s not done. I just can’t believe that someone could be that stupid and not learn at all from past mistakes. If Todd Hoffman was as stupid as he appears on the show he would have died long ago from forgetting to breath.
    The most recent episode where Dave says he doesn’t want to extend the bottom bench cut, then has to “leave” setting up the perfect opportunity for Todd to release his mayhem all seemed a bit too “perfect” for me. At the end of the show when they find out they did lose gold and Todd asks the crew what they think, Dave chooses to pass which does sort of make me believe that he is getting fed up with Todd’s BS but I can’t imagine it would have taken this long, or that he wouldn’t just throw Todd’s pig like body unto the fire and proclaim that this moron has jeopardized all of there lively hood for the last time.

  8. Royce Lerwick
    February 12, 2013

    The real question is, what kind of “deal” have each of these players got? Todd clearly has some “other” deal than anyone else, because he’s always acting like it doesn’t really matter if he establishes any long-term mining operation. Clearly to some extent he’s putting on a show, and apparently mostly to make himself look heroic, inspiring, and “Chosen.” I mean seriously, Todd fecks up almost the entire wash plant deliberately, wastes a week sliding around in the mud behind Dave’s back, and then does this penitent little boy act as if he’s learned his lesson except for all the “we screwed up” language. Clearly “we” didn’t screw up, Todd screwed up, but what’s just amazing is that he keeps acting like nobody is ever going to know when he’s surrounded by cameras. Why bother lying? A few weeks or months later he surely knows Dave and crew are going to see exactly what he pulled on them. So apart from thinking Todd’s guaranteed some chunk of money whether they succeed at his arbitrary goals or not, there just seems something pathological about the lies and BS he feels compelled to sling around.

    But the worst thing I ever saw on the show so far is that “Gold Prayer.” I used to say Todd Hoffman was the Jim Jones of gold mining. But he may also be the Jim Bakker or gold mining. He’s out there running the PTL Club, raking in the dough, building up what everyone thinks is going to be “Heritage USA,” and all he’s going to leave behind is a moment of glory, scandal, probably a divorce, and a scorched piece of earth. (Not much chance of being caught in the closet with a church secretary, but you never know…)

    And of course, whatever happens, I’m pretty sure ol’ Todd is taken care of.

  9. Trevor
    January 24, 2014

    I really wish this show was more of a documentary about how successful goldmining operations operate. Tony Beets, the Dakota Crew, and Parker are all way more competent and knowledgable. The best parts of the show are when something breaks and Fred Hurst fixes it in like a few hours.

    I understand that this show is “epic” or whatever, but the worst parts are the Hoffman crew. Unfortunately, “idiocy” sells, which is why the Hoffman’s weren’t kicked off the show after season 1. So i guess for now you have to take the extremely bad with the good.

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