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My favorite cast member

I love Dakota Fred because he kicks ass. If I had to compare someone on the show to John Wayne it would be Dakota Fred. The man has grit. He’s a driven man that forces those around him to shape up or ship out.

Sure he rubs a few folks the wrong way, but that’s what happens when you push folks that aren’t used to being pushed. Dakota Fred will bring the biggest haul of Season 3. I make that statement based on the final episode of Season 2 and where each crew stands. I think the Dakota boys are in the best position to hit first place.

The video below stars Dakota Fred and is one of my favorite scenes from Season 1.

3 comments on “My favorite cast member

  1. donnyray55
    October 26, 2012

    Fred is the guy!

  2. Scott
    February 26, 2014

    Fred has been vilified by by no other than Todd Hoffman. Todd made him look like a back stabing claim jumping thief. I had to say in the First season I didn’t like Fred but I came to respect his intelligent and his resourfulness. Fred can fix anything with any parts he has at hand. Fred came on top smelling like roses when I found out that the whole claim jumping was “Fred” idea and the producer of Gold Rush idea. Todd only prove over and over agian he is just plain Dumb as a doornob and can not mine worth.. *^&@#@. Only by his hard working crew that out of 3 season he was only mildly successful.

  3. John G
    March 2, 2014

    Fred is an awesome guy!!

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